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04-05-2011, 07:14 PM
Hi All
New mindee is a veggie and I provide meals in my fee's. Mum is doing me a list of foods LO still wont eat but was hoping someone can give me some ideas for either bulk meals that I can freeze or simple meals.
Have never had to cook veggie meals before (I cook from scratch) as all my own children and other mindees eat meat.
I have a slow cooker, halogen grill and am happy to use these for meals.
Thanks all
Lisa x

04-05-2011, 07:38 PM
All my family are veggie. I include meals in my fees too. Like you, I use a slow cooker a lot. I use it for veg/bean chilli, tomato based pasta sauces, veg curries, a sauce made from green lentils to serve with veggie sausages (you could do this and make meat sausages for the rest of you).

Pesto pasta is popular. I use the Sacla Organic as it is vegetarian, most aren't. I boil pasta then warm some sweetcorn, creme fraiche and pesto in another pan then stir in the pasta.

Veggie lasagne - either peppers/courgettes, etc or Puy lentil (http://101things.wordpress.com/2007/03/19/puy-lentil-lasagne/). The puy lentil mix is also nice made into a shepherds pie with a cheesy mash topping. I mentioned veggie chilli above, that is also nice made into a bean shepherds pie as an alternative to having it with rice or cous cous.

My middle daughter loves toad in the hole made with Cauldren sausages (from the chiller counter).
I do homemade pizza a lot. I often batch cook a basic tomato sauce in the slow cooker. It can then be frozen in portions and used for the pizza or as a quick pasta sauce.

Use the search facility as there have been veggie threads before.

04-05-2011, 07:40 PM
We tend to use substitutions... so if the children are having sausages the lo has veggie ones with the usual potatoes and vegetables.

If the children are having fish or chicken the lo has chicken style veggie equivalent.

If we are making bolognese then we have some frozen quorn bol ready in small portions for the child etc.

It is important that the child feels included and not different from the others so we make sure their meals look similar.

For puddings we tend to offer fruit anyway but if it's a special chocolate pud we buy some of the Alpro ones for the veggie.

Hth :D