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27-04-2011, 05:06 PM
At the risk of being very cheeky I have posted here the first draft of my future website to advertise my services. This is a sort of mish mash of what I have seen on other cms' sites with a bit of policy thrown in.....
Please feel free to make any comment at all on anything... I feel the site has a long way to go.....
Hope no one minds me doing this.... Thanks in advance :) :) :) (apologies for wacky spacing ---it was done in notepad!)

I am registering to become a child minder and hope to be running by the autumn term 2011.

My Background
I am a trained teacher with 20 years experience. I have taught all ages from nursery to college incuding adult and children with special needs. I home educated my 4 children (and many friends' children too) following a child centered approach . They all chose to go to school by the age 0f 14 to get their qualifications and now 2 have graduated and have good jobs, one is starting uni this sept and wants to be a writer and my last baby
(16 y o) wants to be a vet. My two girls will be my assistants in the school holidays.
When my children were very young I was a children's entertainer: 'Juggling jac and her puppets' As well as parties and events, I ran circus workshops with my husband Martin ('Prof Spaghetti cos he kept getting things in a tangle'... We still have a lot of our equipment, nearly all my puppets and my homemade puppet house. I still give shows...but find that the children prefer to give their own.

Why I am doing this
I adore children and am a great believer in listening closely to them and being as accommodating and engaging as possible. I believe fun and engagement are the keys to learning and do my very best to create a nurturing calm environment. I try to follow conflict resolution principles in arguments/disagreements which is to listen to both sides and try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. I consider it a true privilege to look after and support children of any age and to be permitted to contribute to and hopefully enrich their lives. I am happy to continue children's home education
and also to support children with special needs.

My setting
I have a large victorian 3 story house in the centre of Sheringham and we have at our doorstep the beach, the seafront facilities, 2 excellent parks with children's facilities, woods nearby for rambling, a small zoo where I
have season membership and many other local opportunities. I attend the local church toddler group and other gatherings for children. I love visiting soft play centres and socialising with with other children where possible. I am musical, play guitar, sing and dance and love to encourage musical
expression in children. We have a piano and many percussion and various musical instruments. We have a Wii and games such as Zumba (dance) and sports games. We have a PC with child appropriate educational games and I
am careful to keep an eye on not too much screen exposure. Having said that, I often use a dvd/video or children's tv programme to change the tempo or bring down the energy or introduce an educational idea.

Food and drinks
I am happy to provide healthy snacks and meals and drinks that we are having (usually veggie) unless parents choose to send in their own or unless a child's needs seems to be rather costly and I have to buy in special food. I suggest we give it a few weeks trial before deciding on this point.

I would like to take Friday and weekends off as we also care for my mother who would like to spend some time with me. (Martin looks after her while I am child minding) However I am flexible where parents are desperate for one offs and also for overnight sleeping.
I am available from 7am until early evening (6 ish) but am flexible. Extra hours /baby sitting would be time and a half and overnight sleeping would be a flate rate of £40.

I charge £4 an hour with 10% reduction for siblings. I take 4 weeks holiday a year which I try to decide well in advance and for which time you would not be expected to pay. I request a deposit of one month for security in advance at the start of the contract and then will issue weekly invoices. I normally cover fuel costs for local distances but might ask for contributions towards field trips and entrance costs if we travel further afield. You would be
expected to pay for your child's place if you take time off or for your holidays as a replacment mindee would not be possible for so short a period.

Settling in
Parents are welcome to stay as often as they like at the beginning to settle their child but only 1 session is free after our first meeting. Like at nursery or school the child is often better once the parent has left!

Your child will have a 'Learning Journey' file which will have a daily record of his activities and any observations. Parents will be able to give me feedback from home on a daily basis in this log. Also will be included pictures done by your child , photos and any other achievements. On top of this you'll be invited to visit be a website where I can give a weekly schedule of our plans for the week and any general announcements, dates , requests for special clothing etc

Parenting approach
As I will be your child's in loco parentis I will make every effort to behave to your child as you would - bearing in mind that my attention wil be divided between all my mindees. My own parenting philosophy with my 4 children was quite a liberal one known as attachment parenting where children are carried in a sling or held as much as they want and laid down safely within view (not put in another room) if they fall asleep and picked up /cuddled when they woke up. However if your child is used to being put down in a cot to fall
asleep in a quiet room for example I will certainly follow suit. I don't like to insist on children clearing their plate for example or being pushed to meet certain developmental milestones but everything is open for discussion which is the cornerstone of my approach.
I consider every child unique with their special needs - just like us adults!

27-04-2011, 05:13 PM
wow cana wait to see the website set up x

27-04-2011, 05:26 PM
All sounds great to me - very well thought through

only suggestion i can think of is maybe to clarify what you mean by 'my girls will be my assistants in the holidays' - just because parents like to know exactly who will be caring for their child and may like to know whether they would be left on thir own etc or what they would be doing. Just a thought!

27-04-2011, 05:35 PM
Thanks Butterfly - good point.
Cheers Andrea..do you have a website?

jac x