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Heaven Scent
25-04-2011, 11:37 AM
I am back again nagging and just checking I have everything - about a year ago I appeared to lose half of my permission list which Sarah 707 advised me to compile before my last inspection rather than have pages and pages of individual permisson's - which I had up until then and from memory I re-wrote it but am terrified that I have left something really essential out so would like Right Below is the list of all I currently have on my form

1) - Outings & Activities
2) - Large Garden Equipment (including trampolines - I don't have a big one so don't see the point in having a separate policy)
3) - Collection by Approved persons
4) - Emergency Medical Advice or Treatment
5) - First Aid
6) - Baby Wipes
7) - Medication
8) - Sole care of authorised Assistants
9) - Long term medication
10) - Sleeping in pushchair or other suitable place
11) -Contact with animals
12) - Photographs
13) - Suncream
14) - Sharing information with other settings
15) - Brushing Teeth
16) - Creche - I've never done it but you never know when it may be needed
17) - Swimming

Also have them sign to say they have been informed or appraised of
1) - Policies
2) - emergency cover
3) - report abuse or neglect
4) - No Smoking
5) - No Smacking
6) - Sensitive handling of nappy changing and bathing etc
7) - Non Attendance of sick children and no return within 48hrs of D&V

Have I left anything out? If so please let me know thanks!!!


25-04-2011, 12:16 PM
Crikey, that's a very detailed list! Far more than I have

Think you've missed photographs? I also have permission for group photographs in other children's learning journeys.

I have separate permission for plasters after a friend was pulled up on inspection for this but you may have that covered elsewhere.

Miffy xx

Heaven Scent
25-04-2011, 01:02 PM
Now you mention it I do have plasters mentioned, its on the one directly before baby wipes it could be mentioned in the First Aid one - so long as its specifically mentioned somewhere then its covered isn't it- I did have a permission for them using various transport and other peoples cars which I need to check out - I know I got that from Sarah and adapted it to my needs so will have to re-add that I need to get Sarah to check out my list and get her t see if I've left anything else out - I found another more recent list that also includes - sandpit, water play & I'm going to add messy play & Arts and crafts.

Just checked Plasters are in with First Aid - All of this is so stupid I do ask in the starting points booklet if they are allergic to anything - its just creating tonnes and tonnes of unnecessary work if you ask me!!!!

25-04-2011, 01:22 PM
My goodness Celest that is a comprehensive list - far more than I have - but then I think some of what you have seperate permissions for - I include else where such as within policies.

I have
Observations for LJ and any course work I am doing
Leaving with assistant or co minder (as I have both)
Play equipment - all on one - garden, parks, soft play
Photographs - taking and where can use, including my website
Sun cream - including using mine when they forget to send
Outings - all - walking and in car - lists places we visit under 'normal' circumstances (special one off trips get seperate form)
Transport - list all that might use even if only occassionally
Medicince - including one dose of their preffered pain relief

Penny :)

Cammie Doodle
25-04-2011, 01:42 PM
Mine is almost the same as Penny's

25-04-2011, 01:50 PM
Ok... I only have them if they help me meet the statutory requirements or if someone has been pulled up for not having them in the past or to cover me because of past problems...

There are more on my www.eyfsforchildminders.webnode.com website on the P & P pages.

outings by various methods of transport

outings to various places with or without prior knowledge

Collected by people stated by parent (or password)

carry emergency info on outings


sun cream


sharing information with other settings

first aid incl hypo-allergenic dressings

large play equipment

baby wipes

tooth brushing

sleeping places - buggy, cot, bed settee

then space to say yes I understand policies on informing SS about concerns, no smoking, no smacking etc.

And yes I have read & understood P & Ps.

Hth :D

25-04-2011, 04:20 PM
Good point Sarah about the signing to say have read and understood- I have that too

Also on policies the signed statement also have the most important bits of policy as I want to make sure parents have taken on board the facts. So for example the statement on Illness and Infectious Diseases says

I confirm that I have read and understand the Illness and Infectious Diseases Policy.

I confirm I have received a copy of the Illness and Infectious Diseases Policy.

I understand that if my child has sickness and or diarrhoea that he / she will not be cared for by Penny until he / she has been free from sickness / diarrhoea for at least 48 hours.

I understand that if my child is excluded due to illness or infectious disease that I am required to pay the normal fee as stated in my contract.

This way the parents can not say only I didn't read / understand that bit.

Penny :)