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21-04-2011, 07:51 AM
One of my LO's - 9month old baby suffered a febrile convulsion while at home with her parents on tuesday afternoon - she was taken to hospital and kept in overnight and mum is taking the rest of the week off so I won't have LO this week - however, mum has been told that because LO is under 1 then it is quite possible it will happen again - she has been told that an ambulance should be called immediately if it happens again.

Mum is going to give me copies of the info she has been given but I was wondering if there was anything else I need to do or have in place or whether any CM's had any experience of febrile convulsions in young babies?


21-04-2011, 08:20 AM

My dd had them from 6 months until she was 16 months, the most important thing to remember is keeping calm and talk to the lo the whole way through, ring 999 and make sure that there is nothing around them that can hurt them, abigail used to mainly have then at night and usually had been unwell in the beginning of the night, however, she did have one in the day but the hospital had let us go home with her temp at 39.7 and the medication hadnt taken effect, we had got to my mums house around the corner and then she fitted really badly, 40 plus on temp, froffy mouth, blue , fitted for 4 mins,
and very slow to come around even the 99 people couldnt get her to wake up for them, but the hospital admitted that she shouldnt have been released so early....

I would do a care plan with the mum, risk assess what you would do and when, have a back up minder, have medication in the house, has mum been advised to give calpol then 2 hours later nurofen then 2 hours later calpol and so on, this really helped us the hopsital said it was the only way to get abigails temp down, it works, and just remember to talk to the lo, because they may not respond to you but they can hear you and hear if you panic....

hope ive helped and not scared you, you can always pm me if you want to talk some more xxxxxx

21-04-2011, 08:41 AM
one of my mindees had one of these whilst in my care,, luckily my mum was round that day so looked after the othe mindee whilst I delt with him,, I called 999, put him in the recovery position, put a blanket under his head and moved all the toys from around him, he was going blue and foaming at the mouth and took a while to come round but was ok in the end,
I have two emergency back up minders who know where my childrens details are kept and as we reguarly meet know the other children very well so they would have been my next port of call,,
if it happens dont panic just stay calm and talk to the child whilst ringing 999, when the paramedics get here call your emergnecy back up then let them deal with the other children and parents.
for this child I will now have a permision form in place to administer calpol as soon as he starts to get a tempreature as its being hot that sets them off but other than that there isnt much more needed,,oh and you do have to inform ofsted if it happens whilst in your care.