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18-04-2011, 08:46 AM
you know I was meant to have this following Thursday off and instead I'm now working and I wish I'd stuck to my guns..

one of my mums wanted me last thursday and then realised she needed to work this coming thursday instead.. she'd got her dates all confused.. now I was open anyway last week so it would have fitted great.. and initially I said I couldn't do this week as I was closed.

then she said she'd have to cancel care and coz I felt obligged to then refund her I decided to take her child on thursday of this week as requested..

I've not felt particularly well for the past week and wish I'd stuck to my guns now.. I'm soo annoyed with myself.

In this kind of a situation what would you do? would you have kid or stay closed? I really feel fed up with work at the moment and haven't felt tip top for a while...

would you have stuck to being closed? and would you still have charged her?

I hate this whole money situation thing and sometimes find it hard being a business when its in many ways also a labour of love..:)

18-04-2011, 08:55 AM
I would have stayed closed this week and I would have still charged her for last week as I was open.

It is hard when parents tug on your heart strings but you have to put yourself first. If it had been your mistake would the parent have been so accomadating.

Next time dont give an answer straight away tell them you need to check or diary and then ring back with a no. Try not to do things when you are put on the spot as we tend to agree more and then kick ourselves later.

julie w
18-04-2011, 08:58 AM
Hi I think you just put it down to experience and think twice next time. I've done it many times(too many!!). I've booked a few days off in May. One mum is really struggling and I'm feeling so guilty because I'm at home the 2 of the days she's stuck. But I desperately need a break. I've nearly given in and said I'd have him, but I really want to stick to my guns. It's not easy though is it?. Still hopefully if you work this Thurs you'll still have a nice long weekend (presuming you're not working the bank hols.xxx

Chimps Childminding
18-04-2011, 01:29 PM
I am off next week and determined to stick to it no matter what :rolleyes: I currently have a Tuesday off, but the last 2 mondays one mum has text to see if I can have her lo for a few hours - and I have stupidly agreed - only because he is gorgeous and the family are lovely :blush: been waiting for a text today about tomorrow, but so far nothing, hoping it stays that way :D

The problem is parents book their time off, but we can't work around everyone, so there is always going to be someone we let down, either that or we just don't have any time off :eek:

18-04-2011, 02:03 PM
I know how you feel. One of my mindees mum's told me they were not in today as mindee was away - so there was me looking forward to a 3 day weekend and all the things I had planned today (mowing lawn etc as Hubby in work this afternoon) and low and behold I am dragged out of a shower at 0830 this morning by mum and mindee - hubby opened door and said of X is here. Mum was very apologetic and cos they were here didn't really feel like I had a say in the matter about working today. Did stress the point that I needed to know a week in advance in future for changes in plans to ensure I can accomodate them.
Parents hey!