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18-04-2011, 08:37 AM
I have a full time mindee & he turns up on a regular basis with coughs,colds & a constant runny nose. All these germs are being passed onto my other 3 part time mindees & they are all getting the same. Last week one of the mums said about the child always being ill & that their whole family was down with it after their little one taking it home. Today another parent came with her little one & said that her daughter had been ill all weekend. She said that hopefully while she was off next week that being away from the child that was always ill she will finally get better. I do agree with these parents as i am fed up with the full time mindee always being ill & you can bet your bottom dollar that when i am on hols next week my defences will be down & i will get it.
Any surgestions will be a great help as i am not sure how to deal with this one. What i dont want is for parents to get really hacked off & leave my setting. I probably wont come to that however for warned is for armed.



18-04-2011, 05:27 PM
It is really difficult when a child always seems to be ill.

does he have a good diet? Is he getting plenty of vitamins etc?

Could he be allergic to something? You mention him constantly streaming.

If his immune system is compromised and he is constantly unwell parents should take him to the doc and get him checked over.

If you risk losing other families unfortunately there's little you can do because of confidentiality... you can't tell them about his ailments or how his parents are taking him to the doc etc.

Hth :D