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15-04-2011, 07:18 AM
I'm a bit wound up at the moment and wondered what i could do .
On wednesday i got a text from mindees mum saying don't collect from school as dad was collecting child (they are not together) i replied asking if he was sleeping at dads as i wanted to know if to expect him as usual thursday morning.
Mum replied saying didn't know and would let me know when she did.
Any how thursday morning no show so i presumed he had slept at dads , at home time my kids came out of school , i asked my son where child was (they are in same class) and he replied he hadn't been to school so i went inside just to confirm with the teacher as i was supposed to be collecting .
I texted mum just to let her know i had been stood waiting for her son to come out of school to find her wasn't there and haven't even recieved a reply.
It's not the fact he isnt coming that bothers me as they pay regardless , its the fact they can't even be bothered to let me know.
This family gave notice a few weeks ago i accepted and wrote a letter stating when his last day was then that evening they rang to ask if he could stay after all !! so i'm not sure if that is coming again now.
I have another family with 2 children wanting to send them but i only have car space for the 1 but they need less hours so the 2 children will only bring in the same money as he does but all the same im thinking about giving notice.
what you do i'm really cross!!

16-04-2011, 08:05 PM
Hi, just catching up, did you get a reply from your text yet? I would phone her to see whats going on and then decide whether I'm being messed around! If you're really fed up and can afford it then giving notice might be the best option.

16-04-2011, 08:40 PM
It might not be that they couldn't be bothered to let you know, it might just be a case of each thought the other had told you - still not very good though I know!

If it's the first time this has happened then I would let it go but if it's a regular thing then you have to decide whether it's worth the hassle especially as you've another option now.

Hope you get it sorted

Miffy xx

17-04-2011, 01:43 PM
Hi, well i was due to collect weds the day before and mum text to say dad was collecting i asked if he was sleeping at dads or if he would be coming to me thurs morning as usual , she said she didn't know and would let me know later .
She never replied and he never turned up thursday morning , i have tried ringing and sent a few more texts and havent had a reply as yet, he's not due back now till 3rd may when they go back to school.

17-04-2011, 03:41 PM
I'd see the other family and then make the decision whether to take them on and give notice to this parent.

Miffy xx