View Full Version : Vomiting bug - 48hrs exclusion, charge or not?

14-04-2011, 09:46 PM
Hi there,

Last week mindee arrived, mum said 'she was sick this morning but was just she drank her milk too fast'. Hmm I thought but fair enough, perhaps it was.

After her sleep I set her on my bed after getting her out of travel cot - she was sick everywhere - all over my duvet, pillows, headboard, wall :eek: . Worst of it was, it seeped through to quilt, pillow and matress :eek:

Phoned mum at half 2, she didn't arrive to pick her up until half 4 :angry: , by which stage LO had been sick in bucket, on her clothes, my sons clothes (that she had to borrow), on settee etc :angry:

Anyway, this was on Thursday, she was due to come on the Friday. Mum said, see you tomorrow then? I was like NO, she's not well, it's 48hrs exclusion.

Next morning she text to say she wass fine, I said sorry, i couldn't have her, I wouldn't want my DS to catch it (I have no other mindees on Fridays). I know she was raging but there was no way!

Anyway, as she's said she was 'fine' the next day, can I charge her Friday's fee (she'll see it as her LO wasn't ill) iyswim?

Any ideas?

14-04-2011, 09:50 PM
Yes you do. If she was that sick at your house on Thursday at 2.30pm + then the eariest you would want her back with no more sickness would be after 2.30pm on Sat! Good that lo was not ill again on the Friday but they still have to pay you.

It definately sounds as if lo shouldn't have been with you on Thursday. :panic:

14-04-2011, 09:51 PM
How awful

Do you have it in your contract that you exclude for 48 hours for sickness?

You did the right thing by not having the little one

So yes if child is ill and you are unable to have her even if she is better then you still charge her

I do make this clear to parents when they start though

Angel xx

14-04-2011, 09:58 PM
48hrs exclusion from the LAST bout of upchuck.

I would also be having words with the mum about immediate collection when you request it:angry:

14-04-2011, 10:42 PM
Naughty mother!!! :(

I hope you/your son doesn't come down with something after all that! Send her the laundry bill!!!