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04-04-2011, 12:19 PM
I was registered in Dec and still have no children!!

I do get some inquiries and have had visits from families but nothing comes of them!!

I'm trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong as they always seem happy with me and my fee's and that side of things but then end up saying they have gone with someone else closer, I live a 15 minute walk from the schools and high street, close to train and bus stops but there are quite a lot of minders in my area that are right on the roads of the schools and a couple on the road of the train station too! There's just always someone else closer!

I had two particularly nice emails from two different parents that I met saying that they had only not gone with me as they opted for nursery/after school clubs but will definatley keep my number in case they didn't work out as they and their children were very happy and comfortable with me and one lady even emailed me and complimented my portfolio!

I just need to decide if its worth me sticking at this or just looking for work elsewhere, which I don't really want to do as my heart is in childcare but unfortunately we are really struggling on one pay check now and I need to make a decision!

I am advertised everywhere I can possibly think of....on here, childcare.co.uk, netmums, my FIS, direct gov, thompsonlocal, gumtree, childrens centre board and more places that I cant think of. I go to toddler groups but they are already full of the well known minders of the area and they have their own things going on and don't seem very inviting to be honnest.

I thought of doing leaflet drops door to door but OH said no one ever reads them and all my hard work will end up un-noticed and in the bin.......Anyone else done this?

Just feel like giving up and that I've wasted so much time and money for nothing, just dont know what to do.

Sorry was so long but needed to get it all of my chest so thanks for 'listening'. x

04-04-2011, 01:42 PM
Its very frustrating isn't it and you have my sympathy.

Hang on in there though. People often visit several different options when they already have something in mind - ie the after school club - its almost to justify the price/place to themselves.

Get advertised ready for Easter - on FB, Childcare.co.uk, Netmums - Offer a 'special competitive holiday rate' - that is competitive with other local schemes. What are people going to get for that rate...... they are going to get trips out, home from home experience.

Even if people use you for the holidays at first - word will start getting out and you may get more interest.

Find a 'specialist selling point' and market yourself that way to 'reel em in':D

04-04-2011, 02:11 PM
dont know if this will be of any use as im not yet registered but the notifications for infant schools will be comming thro 24th april so maybe some people are waiting to see what school they get before making minding enquiries re location etc. Maybe try a t-shirt with your details on to wear around schools and kiddy groups??
Sounds to me like they are missing out on a good thing by not going with you and you are doing everything you can. Alternatively move by me, they are crying out for cm's and i cant get registered quick enough!
Hope it turns a corner soon, i hope you dont give up.

04-04-2011, 03:20 PM
I really feel for you, it must be really hard. I wouldn't give up as one of the childminders I know didn't get someone for 6 months and then it all just came through for her. (not suggesting that it will take this long for you)

What sort of advertising have you done so far? I designed a leaflet with my company name, a picture of my little one and a friends child in a ball pit and a nice animated picture that went well with my name. I put this up on all the notice board that I could come across, hospitals, Co-ops, children centres you name it.

I did all the free advertising that't you there (yell, thompson, locanto etc). I did a facebook page and got all my friends to like it and post the link to it on their walls. I also did a free website with weebly.com (very easy to set up as it tells you how step by step) - the 1 day I had 172 views, it tells your your daily views. I also did a T-shirt with my childminding name and telephone number and whore it to every toddler group, soft play and to the local shops. Its also important to build a relationship with your local childminders so they can get to know you and when they are full maybe refer people to you.

I hope it all works out for you very soon - Keep us posted!
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05-04-2011, 09:15 AM
Hi, thanks for the replies.

I went onto vistaprint last night and made up some colourfull advertising postcards, thought if i post them locally they will get looked at more than a business card or a self printed leaflet.
I also ordered a canvas bag with logo and details on so it may get noticed at school and playgroups.

I already started making a website on weebly, I don't think its very easy for parents to find me online through it but I could use it to give the parents I meet the address for more detailed information , my page view so far is 2 and they were both me I think!!

I'm going to go to the library and GP's to see if they have boards or if i can leave some business cards.

Hopefully something will come up.