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25-02-2011, 11:22 AM
Hi everyone yay last day of half term :-D right....I have given notice to all my mindees, finish in 2 wks time and will be looking for a term time only job in sep/oct when dd at nursery. I was just wondering if any of you work just during term time and how it works out for you. Do you get many enquiries, does it pay the bills, does it give you a better home/work balance? Any info would be great as enjoy the job but my kids didn't cope too well and I was overrun with paperwork! thank you Xxx

25-02-2011, 11:29 AM
Although it's quiet in my area, all the parents I've met have been very happy that I do term-time only as they are teachers or work in pre-schools.
Also, we have lots of holiday clubs around here and there is no way that I could compete with any of them as they charge less than £2 an hour and they run from 8am until 6pm!
So I've always been term-time and it gives me a break every 6-7 weeks to catch up on paperwork, sort out the house and of course be with my own two kids :thumbsup:

If you can manage the lean times (I have two other jobs) then to attract parents you could say that you don't charge retainers for holidays as you don't work them anyway.
Good luck in what you decide to do.

25-02-2011, 11:34 AM
hi i take the grant and have to work term time only and only charge for the term but i ask for a retainer now for the 6wk summer hols as i was saving places and families didnt come bk in the september ..

its quiet where i am too so any work is better than no work e.g. this half term ive had one part time child as the others are term time only and the holiday kids went away or are with family...

25-02-2011, 12:11 PM
I've got a mix of work - some term-time only, some all year and some holidays only.

I would love to work just term times but atm I don't have enough tt only children to make it viable.

Good luck to you

Miffy xx

Carol M
25-02-2011, 12:42 PM
I seem to have fallen into TTO working and I have to admit I prefer it.
It's just how it's happened and most of mine want TTO. I don't charge retainers for school holidays but ask for Septembers fees at the end of summer term so as I know they are coming back in Sept.
I've had a lovely week sorting my garage out and having carpets cleaned and it's not long till Easter hols :clapping:
Carol xx

Mrs Pootle
25-02-2011, 03:47 PM
I work term time only from chioce as my own children are primary school age & I like to spend the hols doing things with them. Also as I'm new to childminding I felt this was nicer for my children to get used to me working gradually, rather than being faced with a house full of other children all the time.
I have had all my enquiries through word of mouth from the school playground and local playgroup. The familys I have are either mature students or work in schools themselves and so term time only is fine. Although my contracts are term time I do always say to parents that if they want ad-hoc days in the hols (especially the long summer hols) to contact me as I may be able to work.
It isn't enough to pay the bills, but that was never my intention when I set out to childmind. I suppose if I had 3 full timers in EYFS then financially it would obviously be better.
I know it has put some people off that I only work term time, but it has also encouraged others as I do not charge a retainer for school hols as I am not open. From a parents point of view this is a good deal.

If it's what you would prefer to do, and you can manage finacially on less money then go for it. I feel I have the best of both worlds as I can enjoy my work but every 6 weeks or so there is time off. :D

26-02-2011, 12:53 AM
I've been minding since 2001 all year round. Now i realise i should have done this earlier.

I'm so looking forward to term time only from this June 11.

Last week i had to tell two of my parents i will be changing to term time only.

I already have one sort of term time only so no changes there.

I didn't feel so bad when one parent (who I look after their 4 and 2 year old) said she will prob be losing her job in May anyway).

The other parent i have managed to find a new place with a childminder friend of mine so hopefully not too bad.

This half term has confirmed my decision. I have had to leave my children out from Mon-Thurs basically as obviously they will not come along with me to toddler group (yes mine are still open) or park just around corner as it's not hip.

I end up leaving them at home (granted they are 18, 15 and 12) but I still feel they need me.

I will be signing a contract soon for a term time only mindee for 5 days so will see how things go.

There are lots of term-time only people looking where i am so will see how it goes.

I'm also not charging for 11 weeks holiday but half fee for two weeks in the summer. Yes i know I'm mad but hey ho!

26-02-2011, 07:23 AM
Thanks everyone think i'll def advertise over the summer hols for tto if nothing else turns up and see how it goes. Hopefully may get interest from dd new nursery also. Would be great if it works out x