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25-02-2011, 09:52 AM
Hi Everyone,

Just wandered how everyone else did the below?

I have a 10month old of my own, a 2 year old mindee and in April i am taking on a 6 month old when my son turns 1.

How do you all get about?

I have bought a double buggy for my son and the 6 month old but the 2 year old gets tired really easy, so i have bought a buggy board.

Is this how everyone else does it or is there a better option?



25-02-2011, 10:01 AM
Pretty much yeah I have a bibi strolly which is like a bike seat that attaches to the buggy , can't by them now though in England but they are about on eBay

I did buy a tripple but found it a waste of time as it was just too heavy although I have got 3 under 19 months so rather wish I'd still got it , one of them is leaving June as mums on maternity then so I'll just have to drive most places

25-02-2011, 10:53 AM
I am in this situation now,

I have a 10 month, 18 month and my dd 2 1/2. I have a double out n about nipper and buggy board seat. My dd wants to walk but gets tired.

She fell asleep on the buggy board the other day and I had to push the buggy with one hand and balance her with the other:laughing:

I looked into triple buggys and with lots of info from the lovely ladies on here I decided not to get one and go for a buggy pod.

Next problem is a buggy pod wont fit on my beloved nipper:mad: so I have bought a jane power twin off ebay for £100 (bargain) and I am going to order a buggypod 2.

I am hoping this will work because I keep spending any profit I am making :blush:

I know others will say a 2 years old should walk but she is my baby and when she fell asleep on the buggy board I felt really sorry for her:littleangel:

I will hopefully use it in the future any way.

25-02-2011, 11:51 AM
I use a double and buggy board. My son has just turned 2 and prefers to walk but obviously gets tired so it's handy to have the buggy board for him. Like Janes daughter he fell asleep on it last week and very nearly fell off, poor thing!