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Tippy Toes
21-02-2011, 09:11 PM

I have been asked to care for a little one 3 days a week for 12 and a half hrs a day. These three days may include the weekend and the days vary each wk.

Just wondering what would you charge for 12 and a half hrs a day? Also what would you charge if the 12 and a half hr shift falled on the weekend?


21-02-2011, 09:15 PM
Well I'm not sure I would work that in the first place (def not 12.5 hrs at the weekend).

But i do charge an enhanced rate outside of my usual opening hours- before 7.30 and after 6pm. Usual price is £4.50ph and enhanced is £6.50ph.

Weekends i would probably charge £6.50ph usual and £8.50ph enhanced for saturdays and £8.50ph usual and £10.50ph enhanced for sundays.

Can you tell i dont like working w/ends!


21-02-2011, 09:20 PM
Tricky one, could work out quite expensive for parent. Your pricing will have to take account of

- keeping a place open every day of the week even though only 3 days may be used

- some of the hours each day will fall into "unsocial" hours because of the shift length so do you charge a higher rate for unsocial hours

- weekend working - I don't work weekends but if I did I would want at least time and a half for Saturday and double time for Sunday

You need to make sure this job is worthwhile taking on

Miffy xx

21-02-2011, 09:20 PM
If it was me I would ask for the shifts in advance. Usually most shift workers know their shifts about 4 weeks in advance.
Then I would let them know the price for those 4 weeks as I would change at least time and a half for the weekend so the payment can vary as you might have a few weekend shifts one month then you might have none the next month???
I like my weekends work free so if I were to agree to work it i might even be tempted to ask for double pay. Maybe I'm secretly hoping they wont take me up on my offer????:blush:

21-02-2011, 09:54 PM
i'm a mug lol so i charge for the 12h at the same price LOL

i have a before and after school 7-7 and during holiday 7-7 the same !!!

i think it depends on you and your business. I'm happy to work 7-7 they're long days but that's what i do! i'm one of the only one offering later service.

if it was occasional care i would charge more before 8 and after 6

make sure you're sure you agree to work those hours at the week end and more importantly make sure your family agrees to it as well. sometimes money is not worth the time lost as family.
week end should definately be dearer.
if they know their planning in advance work out invoice at begining of month which need to be paid BEFORE you start your month!!!

good luck

The Juggler
21-02-2011, 10:07 PM
i'm not sure I would work those hours hon, especially not at weekends. are there no family who can help her out at weekends.

I think I would def. charge more for before 0800 and after 1800. Min. double fee at weekends:)

22-02-2011, 03:57 AM
I have one mindee whose mum is an agency nurse - never know hours in advance - includes long shifts 12 or 13 hours with travel, earlys, lates, nights and weekends.

I took her on when first regestering as TBH I was desperate for any income - plan was too reduce 'out of hours service' as childminding became established.

Will have been registered 12 months in April - and although 6 months to get started now full (and have assistant so 6 under fives) and STILL doing the out of hours service.

Why you might ask

This mum pays £50 a week every week and this 'buys' her 15 hours childcare a week - can be anytime during standard hours (which in my case is 5.30 - 19.00).

Then she pays £3 per hour for every extra hour used during standard hours and £4 per hour for any hours outside standard hours. On average she does 4 long shifts a week (so aprox 48 -52 hours a week) and I earn about twice what I do for a bog standard mindee doing 50 hours a week

THE BIG advantage for me is this is my 6th place and I like being a bit quieter some days during standard hours as can get out in car with other mindees (have 7 seater car - so can't go out in car with 6 mindees, myself and assistant)

I don't mind working outside standard hours and this mum is more than happy that when outside standard hours my house looks like a home (ie not childminding stuff everywhere) and I do the things I need to do - like watching TV (suitable viewing of course), going to shops, going to tourist places, visiting family and so on.
And during evening / night shifts which are at childs own house as not registered for overnight - I am not childminding - I am babysitting technically and so when child sleep, I can sleep, do my ironing (yes take with me) catch up paperwork and chill without thinking about DH needs. As for DH he is happy to have child with us on trips out and he quite likes it when I am at her house as he has our house to himself and does not have to think about my needs and so watches all those DVD's that I don't like and has tele VERY loud.

Not for everyone I agree but suits me - Oh and if want weekend off I just tell her in advance and book it like holiday over and above my standard holidays - (only difference she does not pay for these weekend 'holidays') as a general rule I take off an additional 8 weekends a year over and above the weekends either side of my standard hour holidays.

Penny :)

22-02-2011, 07:05 AM
I work saturdays but only 8 till 3pm,, I charge £5 per hour which is roughly time and a half for me. I dont mind have the little one ,he is only 1yr, no trouble at all and fits in with everything we do at the weekends, My kids dont
mind him being there as hes only a baby and by the time he gets big enough to annoy them they will be teenagers and wont want to 'hang' with me anyway.
I must say though, as much as I love having him I would probably not do a saturday again simply because I cant fit any training in around him,, I missed out on a makaton course this year as its on saturdays, and due to family commitments i have already booked 3 saturdays of this year and I know its hard for this particular parent to find help with saturdays.