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17-02-2011, 10:27 PM
Business has been quiet for a while now and is only just begining to pick up. Last year I had ony two enquiries but didn't get the work. In the last 4 weeks I've had six enquiries resulting in 3 meetings with parents.

I had one family come need full time. 3x 8 hr days when Mum is working from home and 2 longer ones when she is on the road. Meeting went well, lead to second visit with Dad which also went well but I'm still waiting to hear.

I have one family who wants me. They want 3 days a week but not every week. It would be 3-4 weeks in five.

I had another family come, the visit went well who would want me 2 days a week for a month or two then possibly going to 3 day a week. I have yet to hear from them.

I want to let the families know there is other interest as in my initial talks I had said how quiet it was. I want them to realise that if they decide they want me I may not have the space any longer or like them I'd like to weigh up my options as to what would suit me best. However I don't want to pressurise them or or lead them to choosing somebody else, as I may end up with nobody.

What would you do?

17-02-2011, 10:31 PM
I'd just wait to be honest with you. :D I'd also take on the first family that will sign on the dotted line. I've had my fair share of timewasters a few have even said they will be back the next day to sign contracts and then go to someone else. Advice I received from a former cm was don't chase them once they have visited they have your number and you don't want to look desperate for work (even if you might be ;) )

Hope it all works out for you :D

The Juggler
18-02-2011, 08:05 AM
i would take the first ones who want to sign but I would def. be asking for retainers for the unused days/weeks if they want you to keep them. Otherwise explain if somene comes along wanting the other days you will need to offer them to the other families.