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17-02-2011, 10:03 AM
:panic: I've had a visit from lady A who wants full days Mon & Fri for a baby starting Apr, and is supposed to be coming to sign contracts on Sun. BUT she has just emailed to tell me that the nursery where she put name down in the 1st place has phoned to say they will have a vacancy for for baby in Sept, so will prob only be with me till then. Although I was happy to wait & start in april, am not really happy about it if hes definately only staying for a short time.

Lady B was supposed to be coming for a 1st visit today & wants full days Tue, Wed & Thurs for a baby from May. Not comingg now till next thurs as baby unwell!

So that would fill all my spaces all week, which is wonderfull for business (have 1 & 2yr olds aswell). However that would mean I'd have a baby 5days a week, not my ideal & was only really looking to work 4days.

THEN a friend of mine whos childminder is going on Mat leave in May has asked me if I'd have her DD (2yrs) for 1day (any) a week from then.

If I was to be loyal to parents I'd stick with the babies & only end up with 3days from Sept, but Lady B hasn't been for a visit yet!

If I was to do as I want & what I feel is best for me & my family, I'd have Lady B's baby 3days & my friends 2yr old one day. Leaving me with working 4days & only a baby 3days which works out just perfect! But again lady B hasn't been for a visit yet! Also would have to let down lady A which I really don't like doing!

Sooooooo what would you do? Either way could end up going wrong if lady B doesn't take up the place

Or I could have lady A's baby & my friends DD which would only leave me with 3 days which would garuntee work to start with but not enough days & then leave me with only 1 day by Sept!


Please have an opinion:D

17-02-2011, 11:11 AM
Tbh I would probably go with the babies , If lo settles well then she may not move to nursery at all! If you dont end up having baby B following the visit then you could have the 2 year old.
Does mean you dont get a day off though if both babies start.

17-02-2011, 01:02 PM
just bear in mind youve not even had a visit from the other mum yet, so she could very easily go with someone else, no matter how keen she seems!!