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16-02-2011, 09:34 PM
Hi I am a newbie to the website. I have been childminding since April 09 and need some help with a clingy baby I am looking after.

Baby is 14 months old and has been with me since September. I also have two children of my own aged 4 and 6 and two other mindees aged 3 and 5. The problem is baby will not let me put him down without crying. I have tried putting him in the highchair when I am in the kitchen, in the pushchair and in the travel cot in the playroom. Baby is an only child so he has all attention at home.

Please has anyone got any suggestions before my arms become Mr Tickle arms from carrying baby around all day x

16-02-2011, 09:54 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum.

It's so hard sometimes with a little cling-on but you can't carry him a round all day - it's not fair on the other children you look after or on him - he should be off exploring his world!

Have you talked to his mum about it, you really need her to work with you - precious little point in you trying to sort it if mum just carries him round at home.

I would try having him at the side of me and trying to get him interested in something - and persevere!

Miffy xx

16-02-2011, 10:02 PM
Hello and a big welcome to the forum, it has been invaluable to me for advice and support, everyone is so friendly and there's always someone around whose experienced whatever you are going through and will be happy to help :D

Anyway - clingy babies - not an easy one especially as he's an only children and most likely gets all the attention to wants at home. I agree with Miffy, this is something you need to work on with mum. Get the baby used to entertaining himself for short periods of time both at home and with you. Reward him with a big cuddle and smile if he can be left for a few minutes, gradually building up the time.

Try to ignore the cries, he just wants attention and providing he's safe then leave him with some toys and see if he gets the message. Will need plenty of reassurance while he adjusts though.

Good luck :)