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15-02-2011, 06:01 PM
:( I am normally quite a chilled out mum and minder but tonight i feel i have grown 600 grey hairs in a matter of 3 hours. My mindees, 4, 7,9 and 10years have well and truly worn me out. Constant answering back, rude and shouting at the dinner table, fighting grrr i feel like i needed eyes in the back of my head. I wouldnt mind if they had an excuse for being bored but they made flubber, board games were out, colouring and the wii but instead they seemed to just run a mock. What am i doing wrong??? I am actually beginning to dread after school pick ups and consider whether its me that is doing it all wrong.
Actually i want to cryyyyy :( :( which is certainly not like me.
I wish i had some full time or part time little ones as to be honest i think i would stop after schools all together. The 10 year old is the instigator and encourages the younger 7 yr old brother. I told the parent that i was not happy with the behaviour when they were collected tonight and my reply was "Welcome to my world"
Any advice would be worshipped :)

15-02-2011, 06:24 PM
No advice but just to let you know you are not alone. I find the children are always a bit stir crazy towards the end of term.

Can you divide and conquer the two siblings?

15-02-2011, 06:37 PM
could you be doing too much,,,maybe just put one activity out then let them get on with it whilst you ? I used to do lots with them after school but it all got to hetic because when i was tidying up they would play up so now I do nothing and let them get on with it ,, they have access to paper and pens etc and can ask for the hama beads and other bits out if they want to.
I also tell mine that if they cant behave then they will have to stay where i can see them at all times,, i have had them follow me around like little lambs when they are at their worst and have had them sitting at opposite ends of the room when they misbehave,,, how about sitting down with them and explaining their behaviour is unaceptable and getting them to help make some house rules with you.

15-02-2011, 06:42 PM
HI :),
Sorry you've had such a rubbish afternoon :( .
I had one mindee playing up badly just before christmas - the family were having lots of upheaval, he's normally well behaved and I let lots of little things go overlooked. Well the behaviour continued after christmas and the others started to copy too, so I just went back right to basics: went over 'our rules', reminded them of the reasons; so that everyone has a good time. Ironically I think he was haing a worse time than anyone else; he just kind of forgot he can control himself when he tries :D
.... and then came down very hard on every single little misdemeanour.
had lots of sitting on the thinking spot in the first couple of weeks back :rolleyes:
Introduced 'tv time' for the final 1/2 hour on thursday as a reward for being well behaved mon - thurs. Made a point of praising every little positive thing I could. And touch wood it has worked. The perpetator has reverted to his lovely self (most of the time), though his little sister (nearly 6) finds it a little harder to stop once she's got herself over excited.

I'm lucky that all the parents so far have backed me up discipline wise. You may have to find a way to get firm with them too, by the sounds of it :rolleyes:

Its just making a plan, telling everyone and then staying calm and cheerful whilst sticking to it. Very firmly.
That's what I'd do - good luck :thumbsup:

best wishes,