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04-02-2011, 07:09 AM
i finally gave a long awaited notice to my oldest serving mindee last night :(

its a nearly 4 yrold girl who ive had since birth pretty much and had her cousin before her , she was lovely until mum became pregnant and then gave birth to her sister . but for the last 18 months she has screamed the place down and cried over the most silly things , i only have to mention the word food , or going out and she screams , all i get out of her is i want my mum , or i dont want my mum to go to work , she pee's herself in temper and wont join in activities , so a nightmare tbh .

ive been able to manage this behaviour until recently by issuing lots of time out and generally not listening to her screaming she only comes( 2 days a week )

only now her sister whos 16 months has picked up on her screaming and has decided to join in , and my god she's got the loadest cry ive ever heard !

well yesterday was awful 4 hours of 2 of them screaming finally brought me to breaking point and i just let it all out to mum when she arrived and id backed it up with a letter saying that i was giving official 4 weeks notice as i couldnt continue to give a proffesional level of care to the other children whilst being disrubted by their screaming ,i was shaking whilst telling her i was that stressed .

anyway she was gobsmacked , i cant believe she was as id said several times that the older girl was crying a lot , ok id played it down as not to upset mum . and she has asked if over the 4 weeks notice she can resolve the situation if she can stay , i agreed and said i was willing to accept change but if it dosnt happen then i stick to my notice

i was rather hoping that the act of giving her notice would be a huge burden of my back but i felt worse for upsetting her !

do you think ive done the right thing as i feel ive failed her and should of not let it get on top of me like that

anyway sorry to have a moan so early in the morning but needed to say something .

04-02-2011, 07:38 AM
think youve been very fair and to then say you will see if it changes and giving them another chance is very good of you too...i hope that mum realises just how much you are doing for her


04-02-2011, 07:49 AM
You've done the right thing. Last year i gave notice to an 8yr old boy as his behaviour was dreadful (told me he wished i was dead amongst plenty of other things). I also looked after his sister who i didn't give notice to. I didn't feel bad at all doing this as i was in tears nearly every night. You have to do what's best for your household. I had an ex mindee round for tea the other night and she mentioned this boy and his behaviour and she only saw him 1 morning a week.