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02-02-2011, 03:56 PM
First of all this mindee has given notice and finishes next wed, so not sure whether to bother but here's the story anyway. She's 9y and as I live next door to school she walks here herself.

Mum said she would be picked up by her aunty/uncle on the 1st and 2nd as she was at a course all day, that's fine. First confusion was I assumed she meant she'd be collected from me and yesterday just happened to be at my window when she went past with the aunty after school. Fair enough, I did mention to mum this morning that I was confused and that was all fine.

So today I was sat enjoying some time with my friend and her kids, when she knocked the door, literally a min after school finished, I said oh you're not meant to be here and she replied but I can't find my aunty, I told her to pop back and check the playground as there's no way she could have checked but to come back and let me know whether she found her or not. She looked upset so I said don't panic just go back and check and let me know. She ran back round and I asked my friend to watch mine and went after her, when I got into the play ground there was no sign of her and I was going to go to the office but decided to check in case I'd somehow missed her coming back here. She hadn't been back but as I came in I spotted her in the car with her aunty and she waved.

Now I don't have any issue with her coming here but I am annoyed that she didn't bother to tell me when she found her aunty, she'll be 10 tmrw surely she's old enough to follow a simple instruction and could just have said I'll let my childminder know I found you. So would you mention it tmrw at drop off or just leave it since I won't need to see her or her awful mother again after next wed:)

02-02-2011, 04:02 PM
yes I'd mention.... just to be pedantic for starters
and you still have care of this child for another week

02-02-2011, 04:17 PM
Maybe she was so glad to find her aunty that she forgot to tell you. Don't think it was deliberate.