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29-01-2011, 09:30 PM
I have a 5yrold girl every day after school and all hols,, she can be lovley but also can be hard work following me from room to room, or shouting at me from another room expecting me to be at her beck and call,,,, anyway ,, she lies loads,,, she comes in from school and says 'i have a tummy ache' i know shes lying cause i tell her to sit queitly on a chair and wont let her play and miraculously her tummy ache goes within 5mins!, she lied about her parents making an appointment at the doctors for her,, she lied about it being her mums birthday and so the list goes on,,,,, trouble is how do i know when to belive her! the tummy ache thing is easy enough to work out as she would not want to play if she was really ill but the other day i asked her if she had flushed the loo to which she said yes but when i checked she hadnt,,, then i asked her to tidy up so she stuffs everything in one side of the toy kitchen cupboard and she knows they go in the box,, how do I deal with the lying? and also how do you deal with a child that when parent turns up and child says i just want to finish my colouring and parents says go on then!! she also wanted to cook daddy his tea in the toy kictchen and daddy says nothing,, i did put my foot down and say time to go home but is so annoying when parents dont back me up,,, i started to get her ready before pick up time so she could go straight away but then parents now arrive earler,, somtimes 10mis other times half hour,,,,
so how do i deal with the lying and the going home thing???

30-01-2011, 01:26 AM
Going home thing ... easy ... just say you're going out (you don't have to say where) ... the parent won't hang around knowing it's inconvenient. Just make sure the parent heard you. I had the same problem and it resolved itself when I was doing a two week training in the evening. The parent probably still thinks I'm going out for training ...
The lying ... I don't know ... but maybe it's attention seeking. There may be things going on at home that can trigger this sort of thing. My friend's daughter was like that when she was in the process of getting divorced and it just rubbed off on her that way.
With the toilet flushing lie ... my 7yo forgets sometimes I always ask if she'd done it if she promptly says yes I just say jokingly I'll go and check and if she hasn't flushed she's going to be in trouble ... seems to work for her as she rushes to check herself.