View Full Version : Children arriving in too small clothes?

27-01-2011, 10:54 AM
I was talking to a childminder friend and she brought up that 2 of her mindees are near enough constantly being brought in too small clothes for example their trouser buttons can't be done up without discomfort and long trousers are becoming more like three quarter lengths. And tops and vests are showing their tummy. And its not really fair when its cold to be all exposed.
She questioned what she could do about it, and I have no idea! As I don't know if you can really comment about what they are dressed in unless its not weather appropriate?
I'm not too sure what to tell her so wondered if you have any ideas or tips? As I have never had to deal with this. So any advise would be great.

27-01-2011, 11:22 AM
I had a similar problem with one of my mindees. She was dropped off by dad in the morning, always rushed. I had a bag with spare clothes. Sometimes there would be no coat, or fleece, etc. A lot of her clothes had been handed down (I have no problem with that :o ), and were grey. They were often too small. One time, I took a skirt off her that I could barely even get off her, it was size 12-18 months (age 5-6 fitted her!) :eek: She had marks on her tummy :angry:

I told mum (on several occassions) and she would just say things like 'I think I should get her a t-shirt that says "Daddy dressed me"!' :mad: She would not accept responsibility herself :panic: (mum & dad had 'issues' with each other, but that is another story!)

I would keep telling Dad that I needed more clothes. I could then change her into things that fitted, if I needed to. I removed unsuitable clothes, and never returned them :blush: It was the only way.

I tried to buy things for her to wear, eg a fleece. But I would keep it at my house, otherwise I would never see it again. I had bought her some tops & leggings from Primark for Xmas, but I never saw them! :angry:

I think what was really annoying was that mum always looked really smart :mad:

27-01-2011, 12:39 PM
I've had the issue before too. Each time I just remind parents that their child seems to have had a growth spurt and it's time to dust off the bank card and go shopping. Each time new clothes have been bought.

27-01-2011, 12:43 PM
its gone from 1 extreme to the other here, fist mindee was coming in 12-18months clothes hes a big 3 i told mum i would no longer accept little one in with clothes that were causing him discomfort, he now comes in his brothers clothes (brother is 7 :laughing) ive been to primark and bought him some clothes which he wears at mine and then gets sent home in his original clothes.

mum has asked why i do this and ive just said the clothes she is sending lo in are inappropriate and a h&s hazard (falling over, keeps pooing on back of t-shirts/jumpers). ive told her that when they dont fit him anymore she can either pop to primark and get him some more or i will happily do it and invoice her for it!

27-01-2011, 02:01 PM
I have noticed over the years that children have come to me in the wrong sized clothes. Is this the curse of the knackered working parent? Quite often its not down to money, more to lack of time and trying to do too much in the little time they have free with their children. Thankfully I have never had a child in discomfort but I did buy a child a waterproof coat for his birthday once as he was getting soaked on the school runs in just his hoodie!

27-01-2011, 09:28 PM
I have known a few children that have come in the correct aged clothes but they were not the right size for the children.

I had one 4 yo that was regularly safety pinned into clothing as she was little - particularly school clothes, I suggested a pinafore dress for school and gave mum one of my daughters old ones, she had never thought about it and thought the safety pins were fine.

Another was over the top percentile on height and weight but was still being squeezed into chronological aged clothing.

27-01-2011, 09:35 PM
I have to be honest here - my lo's been known to go out in clothes too small for her :blush:

I have been known to work 7 days on the trot and oh wouldn't have washed or ironed for me while I've been there and in the end it was just like "Quick, chuck these old things on"

It's not happened since primark opened in the next town though lol :thumbsup:

karen m
27-01-2011, 10:05 PM
I have the opposite children comming in clothes to big,d comes in clothes age 6 he is a small 4,his shoes are at least 2 sizes to big his sister also comes in clothing that is far to big,really angers meas there really is no need for it ,but hey they have all latest gadgets

27-01-2011, 10:45 PM
You could always tell when one of the mindee's dad's did the packing of the bag. Too small clothes, child dressed in summer stuff in winter and the worst of all and I really don't understand why, 3 X bottles of milk without the cap on.
Just need one of them to make contact with the clothes and ....milky wet clothes!
At least the mum always puts the caps back on :rolleyes:

Michelle M
29-01-2011, 11:01 AM
I have similar situation, I have a little boy who comes with shoes too small, I take him to Clarks, and give the parents a slip of paper with his shoe size on, they have even given me the money in the past to get him new ones.

I have a newbie come yesterday who was in babygro with his toe sticking out end, and he couldnt straighten his legs cuz it was too small for him!

I have even been to the point of clothes being washed at my house because they come in the same clothes and can quite easily tell they havent been washed at home because they have stains on from craft, dinner etc from day before. :(

29-01-2011, 01:33 PM
I have the same, mindees shoes are always a number too small and he never comes in weather appropriate clothes. It is freezing here at the moment. I just put some of my sons long johns under his jeans so he doesn´t get frozen out in the garden...
I always make sure my son is dressed WARM (ie enough layers, tights (in germany all boys wear tights!!) fleece over his jumper ,jacket, gloves and a warm hat!
it really is no wonder there is so many ill children, i see little girls in just a skirt and no jacket here ever day...:(