View Full Version : HELP, free milk! nightmare

26-01-2011, 09:41 PM
Hi all, Im havin probs with a milk company that i ended the contract with last may 10, I did everything above board paperwork, i rang them as well to end it. Out of the blue last wk, a milk van turn up, I did speak to the driver said I was still on books. So I rang the company im with now to let them know what had happen! then I rang the other company Im havin problems with, I told them that they had make a mistake, now They are say that Im a theif, :angry: This is terrible I dont know what to do, I do everything to the book and now I get called that, word over the phone as well as letter & to top it off they want £125 for them not sending milk to me???
Help:panic: :censored:

27-01-2011, 07:56 AM
Print a copy of the letter you wrote to cancel the contract back in May.

That is your proof that you have done everything right.

Hugs x