View Full Version : Anyone near Kew Gardens?

19-01-2011, 09:44 PM
Or know it or the area?

Which is the closest hospital with A&E?

Can you tell I am doing my R/As?

And am I going mad? Do they sometimes have farm animals there? Can't find any info on their site so starting to wonder if I imagined it


19-01-2011, 10:52 PM
Hi I don't live near but I do visit. I don't have a clue the nearest A&E. Kew Gardens have first aiders and if it were anything more serious I would call an ambulance. They will also send you their Risk Assessment if you contact them.

Yes they sometimes do have a mini farm and when we have been there there have been plenty of hand washing stations.

They have a large indoor play area which you will need a Risk assessment for because you can't see all the area from any single place. You need to think about how many children and what ages. personally I wouldn't have more than 2 children on it at once and I would follow them because it gets very confusing when it is busy and I don't feel happy for the children to loose sight of me. Having said that the children really enjoy it because it is different.

I have also taken mine up the High Walkway. There is a lift but it rarely seems to work so you have been warned! Mine walked up the stairs last time we went. A 3.5yr old a 2.5 year old and a 2yr old. They loved walking through the tops of the trees and on a good day the view is amazing.

Have a great time when are you planning on going and where will you be travelling from are you going on the tube?

20-01-2011, 10:41 PM
Thanks for that - so you don't think I need to list the hospital then - good

We did the walkway once, it started raining after we had climbed up it, my 5yo fell over and slipped and badly grazed her hip, the 2yo and 18m just ran and ran, it was a nightmare. I will not be doing that bit again until they are a bit older. I had assumed I could take the buggy up but it wasn't working! Didn't have reins with me and they were more intent on running than looking so I missed out too. Horrible, but I have learnt from it and am much more organised since then

The play areas, I have done with 2 x 2yo and a 5 & 6 yo and found that stressful enough.

I could get the silverlink across but it is an easy drive and so far, I have not had trouble parking, so for me that is the best option. I can also drop FIL off at the public records office to research the family tree

We tend to do this trip on school holidays, so may well be there in Feb half term - or may leave it til Easter

Will have to look out for when they do the mini farm again