View Full Version : Does anyone use Montessori methods and ideas in their settings?

11-01-2011, 11:23 PM
I'm really interested in the Montessori environment and her methods. My house is chaotic,:blush: especially after Christmas and the influx of loads of toys for my son from all the rellies and I need to sort the storage issue. Does anyone else use montessori equipment? Do you use Montessori techniques? Are you qualified or do you just fit it in where you can? How do Montessori curriculums work with eyfs? Did you go to a Montessori school/ nursery, how did you find it?

Lots of questions, would be grateful for any help.
Thanks so much!

Heaven Scent
14-03-2011, 02:08 AM
There are a few of us on here who are Montessori Trained and yes I have a few pieces of equipment and I make my own Practical Life Exercises - I also follow the Principals of Montessori too. It fits in really well with EYFS because we have always been doing a great deal of what they advise us to do in EYFS - in fact they just cherry picked at this and other methods and went running head long with them without giving it much thought really - well thats how I see it anyway.

Are you Montessori Trained? Montessori Environments tend to be very organised with a place for everything and everything in its place. The children take responsibility for their environment and keep it safe and tidy - In the words of Maria Montessori - a Montessori school is a place where children like what they do and not do what they like - (meaning now running wild) People misunderstand the principal of children having freedom of movement and freedom of choice - these things happen within a controlled environment - Montessori teachers are called directors and facilitators of learning. We observe the child and then guide them in the direction of the next activity or exercise if we feel they are ready - they often make this choice themselves first though. We are there to ensure they get a good all round education. So you see it fits in perfectly well with EYFS.