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06-01-2011, 04:41 PM
So, my family has an allotment - it wasn't really used last year as I was pregnant and as such is pretty overgrown etc. We were thinking of giving it up but I am loathe to do so as I don't have a useable garden for minding. Not a huge issue as I make good use of the beach, New Forest and local parks, but then I got thinking could I turn this into a really child-friendly allotment?

I am thinking along the lines of child-height raised planters, bird tables, sand pit, picnic table, sensory planting (it has a small pond which will need covering).....other local childminders could make use of it too....... my thoughts are running away with me!

I would like your thoughts on whether you think this is a crazy idea/too much work or would it be worthwhile doing? I would really love to have a unique and special side to my childminding business - something which makes me stand out from the crowd, and as I said I don't have a garden.

I am going to speak to my local early years team but does anyone know if funding may be available for this sort of thing - particularly as it could benefit all the local childminders?

Comments please!

Lou x ps can someone explain how to post photos then I can show you what a state the plot is in!

06-01-2011, 04:51 PM
Wow! To me that sounds like a fantastic idea, it'll be great for the lo's learning about growing vegetables and plants, plus like you say it'll make your business unique.
However it will be a lot of work and I have no idea if there are grants available. Also if the allotment is owned by someone else you might need to check with them that it's ok for you to use for your business.
Good luck whatever you decide to do. :) Hx

06-01-2011, 05:01 PM
i love the idea and if you were local i would definately come around.

however it is a lot of work and might be a bit costly to start.

you need to seek advise on grant and on help, lot to look after on top of kids.

My tip for a cheap sand pit : my husband dug a 4X4ft hole, a foot and half deep. put a wooden frame in it, bricks around it, tarpaulin at the bottom and a lid (look like a door) needs lots of sand in but you can put 4kids in, the material cost us about 25 pounds and when not in use it's covered . put roof felt on top so it is water proof.

06-01-2011, 05:12 PM
This sounds like a fantastic idea to me! I've often wondered about putting my name down for an allotment for this exact reason!

It would be a lot of work but you could build it into your daily routine and spend some time there everyday so you kept on top of it!

06-01-2011, 05:46 PM
Sounds a wonderful idea to me and a great solution to you not having a garden.

Hope you're somewhere near me! :D

Miffy xx

06-01-2011, 05:47 PM
I think that sounds like a great idea!

You could involve the children through the whole process :D

06-01-2011, 06:17 PM
its an excellant idea , I have an allotment that I am currently turning child freindly but due to cost and lack of my own time it is taking time to do,, we got the allotment last january and we have slowly been putting in raised beds,, the children have been over there and planted stuf and we have picked strawberries and peas and eaten the peas straight from the pods which they thought was magic, I and my partner have put in lots of hard work at the weekends which i dont mind cause I love being over there and I intend on getting the children over there much more this year,,,next week we are going to be planting pepper seeds to grow on the window sill ready to plant out over there and in march we will go and plant some seeds in the plots.
sorry didnt mean to run on but I am a bit pationate about growing our own stuff and teaching the kids where the food comes from!
basicly its hard work but worth the effort when the kids see the final results

06-01-2011, 07:53 PM
Go for it. We have an allotment and kids love it.