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05-01-2011, 10:50 AM
I need to give notice to my very first mindee this month :( She came to me originally on a temp basis while her mum was at college and when she stopped over the summer I lined up new mindees, ones of which was a baby who is due to start on the 1st march. Her mum then got a job and I did explain I only had a vacancy until march but I think she's forgotten this part cos it's never been mentioned since, so I'm expecting her to be a bit surprised and am worrying about it. I have the baby coming to see me this week to finalise everything but assuming there's no major changes to the contract we signed originally, it's an almost full time place compared to the very flexible and variable one with the exisitng mindee.

In some ways I can't wait to start the baby and have my weekends back (currently do saturdays for this mindee) but I feel terrible letting them down cos I think she'll strule replacing me, no one else works weekends here and most of us are pretty full cos a few people have stopped recently. Has anyone got any advice on how to word my letter, never done this before.

Thanks x

05-01-2011, 10:58 AM
first of all wait until the contracts are signed before you give official notice by all means mention in conversation what was previously said to the mother with regards to her contracts so then its in the fore front of her mind when you give her the notice , start the letter saying with regards to our agrrement your childs place at my setting will no longer be available from xxxx and then state that you would give her first refusal should a place become available again .

good luck i hate giving notice i had to do it once for a child that was more trouble than he was worth and it was hard as the mother was really nice , he was a school child and only came term time which made it easier as i just told her in january that i wouldnt be taking him back in the september so more than enough notice

05-01-2011, 11:05 AM
Isn't it amazing how much time we give to AGONIZING over these things compared to the parents lol

I would start the letter with a "Further to our conversation on **date**, I am writing to confirm that I will no longer have a childminding place available for **child's name** from **date**. As you are aware, our initial contract was on a temporary basis and, while I appreciate that you are now in permanent employment, I had unfortunately already committed the place to another child in the meantime and a legally binding permanent contract was signed."

Explain that you have obviously given her as much notice as you can, say lots of nice things about her child and how much you have enjoyed working for her and wish them both all the best.