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04-01-2011, 06:20 PM
Hey Everyone,
I'm Verity and I have been thinking about becoming a Childminder for a number of years now and as it's a New Year I've decided that thinking about it is no longer good enough, I need to go for it. I was wondering whether anyone could help me with a few questions.
1. What are the draw backs about Childminding whilst living in rented accomodation?
2. Where is best to look to register to attend a First aid course?
3. Any other advice anyone could give me to help me on my new adventure?

Thanks Everyone!!

04-01-2011, 06:29 PM
hello and welcome!

i am sure others will come and give you all the answers. I just couldnt go and finish the tea without saying hello!

mandy xxxxxx

04-01-2011, 06:40 PM
I love childminding, being your own boss, every day being different and of course working with children.

I have also taken advantage of the free training and have gained a degree, taken loads of short courses and met loads of great childminder's.

In Hampshire the first aid course is offered as part of the pre reg training, I suggest you contact your local NCMA and see whats on offer, your local council may also provide courses.

After twenty years I still enjoy this career:clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Good luck if you go ahead and register


P.S. you will need your landlords premission