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30-12-2010, 01:19 PM
Hello everyone. I've got a bit of a dilema. My husband is in a very well paid job at the moment, but the company are horrible to work for and he is constantly miserable. He has told me that he would like to do Childminding with me. :panic: This has started alarm bells ringing. Don't get me wrong i would love to have him at home and when he is here with the children, he is great with them. I have told him that we would not have as much money as we do at the moment and that it can be really hard work. I have a few Childminder friends that work with their husbands and they seem to be getting on great. We have just had some building work done, so that i can have more space for minding and so that when my boys come home from school they have a living room that is not taken over by little ones. This also means that we have borrowed more money against the mortgage. :panic: Is their anyone out there who minds with their husband / partner that can give me some advise, or let me know how they are getting on, is it a struggle? I am so worried about putting all our eggs in one basket. My husband is really possitive about it and says that if things are quiet he can do some agency driving, (he is an HGV driver at the mo and goes all over Europe, hense he hates the job coz it means being away from home quite often). Am i being unreasonable???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30-12-2010, 01:25 PM
Adam has been working with me for 18 months, cant think of anything that is a con really.been brilliant having him here for appointments etc with own kids money and numbers increased, no arguments (he does all the cooking so tea is on the table for finishing time!:cool: ) Just been selected to front a holiday club for the council and the fact we were a husband and wife team went in our favour! Good luck x

30-12-2010, 01:30 PM
Thank you Monkey1. I can't help being a bit of a pessimist. I would love to think that we could do it, but that first step is very scary. Thanks again.

Chatterbox Childcare
30-12-2010, 03:02 PM
My DH started working with me in October when he said "I am fed up" and I was looking for an assistant.

I would sit down with him and sort out a business plan, showing how much money comes in and what you need to do to increase it.

I would start with contacting Ofsted, get him registered as an assistant and ask for your numbers to be increased, get him on a first aid course.

Once this is in place you can think about him joining you.

From a work point of view I am with Monkey - I am less stressed as we share the workload, he understands the mess but not the paperwork and the time I spend on here!