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02-12-2010, 01:01 PM
Hi everyone!

Sorry, I'm getting a little lost! The learning journal is where I link what children do with the 6 areas of learning? This seems ok, am just not sure how detailed I do it? Can I just put a link to PSED, or do I need to say for example Dispositions and Attitudes, or even break it down further into develop an understanding and awareness of themselves?

I know that I can't just highlight the assessment record sheets as I need to back it up and link it. It just covers me in knowing that yes we have covered it.

Or am I just lost and looking into this too much?

Was reading the post about stickers and am going to get some round coloured stickers and link it. Am going to pick my own colours so that I know what I am doing. Am just not sure how I am going to write it?

Sorry to make this too confusing!!

Thanks, love Claire X x X

02-12-2010, 01:35 PM
I used Sonias lovely sheets in the free resources section on this forum. You can either use a photo, or a bit of writing, or both and then fill in the boxes, petals, train carriages - you'll see! I also use a fairly basic form about once a month for more detailed obs.

At the front of each LJ I have the EYFS grid - again from the resources section on here! I went through and highlighted where I thought the child was at when I first started using them, and wrote in a little bit of evidence where I could and also got the parents to go through them as well. Now when I'm going through it I just put see obs dated whatever in the evidence box so I'm not writing it twice.

I do use post its and bits of paper for the odd obs or event and stick them in - it breaks it up a bit. I use the NCMA stickers but you could do whatever - use your own colour key, whatever works for you.

I hope that helps - I've waffled a bit havent I:blush:

02-12-2010, 08:12 PM
I think the most important thing is to understand the 6 areas of learning and development and to know what they are trying to say about a child's progression through each of them.

With good background knowledge you can plot the child's observations and next steps planning thinking where things sit within the 6 areas and what you might support the child with next.

Like curlycathy says there are lots of ways of writing it up - choose whichever you feel most comfortable with, give it a few months and if you need to make changes, then go with your instincts.

Hth :D