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17-12-2007, 04:47 PM
Not-so-Frosty Snowmen

Kids love getting creative, and what better way than getting them to make their own festive decorations? Making Soap Flake snowmen is simple and will keep the kids entertained.

What you will need:
Soap Flakes
Twigs and pebbles to decorate.

1) Add a few of handfuls of dry Soap Flakes into a bowl.
2) Gradually add small amounts of warm water while stirring. The Soap Flakes should form a putty texture – ensure that it is not 'runny' in consistency. If so, add more flakes to thicken the mixture.
3) Mould the putty into 'ball' shapes to make the snowmen, arrange the pebbles and twigs to decorate
4) Leave overnight to harden.

To make them into tree ornaments, simply mould the snowman shape around a piece of string.

18-12-2007, 08:40 AM
Not sure if any of you have tried this but the kids love it and it is nice and messy but CLEAN fun