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21-11-2010, 01:01 PM
Hiya everyone! Im new :) !
I am down to start my local councils 3 sessions of getting started into Childminding (not sure if they do this everywhere) either this week or it will be in Jan.
I live in rented and never thought it would be a problem with my landlady but out of curiosity I popped round there (she only lives next door!) and asked...
She tried to tell me it was illegal and she would speak to the estate agents, I said that Im sure its not illegal (ovbisously I would have read up about it before asking her!!) and that the only problem Ive heard off is if the morgage agreement says you cant. (I think!) She replied well theres no morgage on the property and I will speak to the estate agent. So we left it at this and just waiting to here back from her.
So as far as I am aware if she has no morgage there should be no problem whatsoever as long as I have insurance and she feels okay about it in herself?
Could there be anything else holding her back from allowing me in terms of the law?
I will be so upset if she says no, Im hoping to move out of here before I even start childminding - hoping to registered by march/april, baby is due April so then the plan is to start looking for Mindees when 2nd LO is about 3 months so not till July and Im hoping to move out of here before then into a bigger property but I cant guareentee it so did need to ask :(
Anyone with experience? Thank you x

carol cameron
21-11-2010, 05:07 PM
Your landlady may need to check something to do with the terms of her 'groundrent' (sorry can't think of the official legal name, possibly something to do with deeds). When I bought a cottage to rent out my solicitor pointed out that it clearly states that a business can't be run from the premises . Now that I have bought the groundrent out, that no longer applies as a condition.
Also your landlady will need to check with her own insurance company, as she will be responsible for paying the buildings insurance, they sometimes impose conditions too. hth:)

22-11-2010, 01:45 PM
Thank you for your feedback! Im going to the estate agents this afternoon to pay my rent so hopefully have some answers from them now :) ! x

23-11-2010, 06:31 PM
I hope it went well!

let us know how you get on :D