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18-11-2010, 03:05 PM
Hello all

Seen as the advice on here is so fab im sending another post for tips and pointers.

I have a 17 month old mindee and im just wondering about how involved she should be in activites??

She is a wonderer and mooches around never really settleing to a task. Her language is coming on slowly but surely and she understands alot of instruction and sometimes is able to follow them. She is confident physically and has a good sense of what she wants and what she doesnt want.

Im struggling to find an activity that we can do one to one that she will stick at, cooking, painting, messy play, anything hands on and interactive seems to turn her off from the word go. I think the longest she has taken part in an activity such as painting for example is a matter of seconds. As long as she is happy that is fine with me but Ifeel I should be doing more to support her.

Any advice. I know she is only ickle...

Thank you x

18-11-2010, 03:50 PM
I don't really bother to do structured play for under 3's. A 'go with the flow' approach is far more appropriate for their level of concentration and ability. She will learn to sit at one thing for longer and longer by using other parts of her routine to practise. Such as sitting down and staying there for snack, having a quiet story time before nap etc.

If she's a wanderer then give her things to explore, a treasure basket would be fun, the garden- show her things like little bugs and different leaves, hide things in the sand pit, change the water play toys over regularly.

Hope this gives you an idea. Age isn't really much to go on. Use the EYFS guidence to also see what next steps it suggests for her development stage and go from there.

Good luck x

18-11-2010, 04:06 PM
Hi i have a little boy like this and he is around the same age, i just put out the things i would normally and let him wonder, if i watch him i do notice that he will do something for a very short period and thats where i put in my observations ie i noticed that he wonders a round putting things down the radiators and in the cupbourds so i am making a post box for him.:)

19-11-2010, 08:13 AM
Lots of investigation at this age, emptying and filling boxes, making lots of mess! They wont really sit and 'play' yet. I would just provided lots of different resources all around the room. Things in boxes, bags, etc.

19-11-2010, 02:55 PM
Thank you!!

We did a nursery rhyme bag yesterday afternoon which was sucessful, she enjoys music and dance so kept her focus for a wee while.

I think a more relaxed approuch is definatly the way for her, nice to hear someone else say the words go with the flow!

Thank you all again xx