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mrs robbie williams
18-11-2010, 02:14 PM
Ive got a lady coming to see me tomoro afternoon. Ive gone through my parent pack but my mind has gone blank with regard to what permission forms i need to give her? she said on the phone that her lo (18wks) as a reflux problem and currently takes 4 different medicines a day - do i need to a specific medicine form for her or will this just be my normal medicine policy and then I write down what and when i administer and get mum to sign on pick up each day - also what do i need to have for her take away with her tomoro or do i just show her around my setting and show her my parent pack?

18-11-2010, 02:23 PM
Hello - yes you will need specific permission for each medicines. I know there is such a form in the NCMA accident / incident book and assume that MM also have one in their folder.

You will also have to put down each dose and get mum to sign.

Everyone is different re what they give to parent to take away. I don't give anything at first interview as like them to go away and then think about if want to use my service - usually advise them to look at other childminders / nurseries.

If they get back and say they want the place I then give then the parent pack with all policies, information about setting AND a pack of stuff that has to be signed / filled in. We do the contract together either at this point or when they return pack of filled in stuff- depends on how soon they need place to start.

I sure others do it differently but the above may give you some ideas.

Good luck with the interview - and just ask on forum if have any other questions

Penny :)

18-11-2010, 02:38 PM
I have a prospective parent coming next week and so far I've emailed her a couple of sheets from the parent pack which is mainly saying who I am, qualifications and experience, fees & payment methods. When they are here I'll have all policies and info out for them to view but will only be filling in records forms and contract if they come back to me and confirm they want a a place, i then also email policies over and get them to sign a form saying they have received them. prospective mum seems quite please with the info so far.

candy cat
18-11-2010, 06:13 PM
I have my portfolio with 'copies' of all my certificates.....references, crb policies and procedures etc which I have out to show them.....I then have acceptance form that i fill in and deposit paid. Once that has been paid I arrange 2nd visit to do forms and contracts....I try and get as much signed as possible. They then get my parent pack which as all policies in so they can read thoroughly.....I do a list of permissions and one signature as it is easier than loads of separate forms.....good luck:)