View Full Version : planning - how do you do it?

11-11-2010, 09:14 PM
Do you just sit down and brainstorm and then work through with a few ideas or have you a set method of approaching planning?

I am in the middle of planning ahead to January. I know we don't always get snow but thought I would do it anyway. I was planning to do a bit on clothing we wear when it gets cold ie hat mittens and gloves. This led me to think of the book entitled The Mitten and doing a craft activity based around that. I would also include a dressing up box of these items.

I have also thought about snowmen and have loads of books around this idea and include some jigsaw puzzles and using playdough with glitter in it as well as a made up lotto games matching objects.

That led me on to think of a book I have made into a story sack called Elmer and the Snow which has an elephant hand puppet, the actual Elmer soft toy, jigsaw puzzles and various craft ideas. I haven't thought how to get around the small world element - I know I could use little animals such as bears, foxes etc but it isn't much!

See what I mean by brainstorming!!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

11-11-2010, 09:24 PM
I have an 'Ideas' file

write the general theme at the top, write all my ideas, books about it, baking and making things or outings and add which part of L&D it covers (CLL,PD etc)

I have enough themes to cover 2 years monthly but don't use them religiously - they are there to draw on when needed and I add any new ideas I get.

My mindees are all under 3 or just over and very part time so not possible to follow any real plans weekly.

I am moving onto my Christmas plans soon so will go through it and add any new bits I have found.

It works for me :o