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04-11-2010, 09:30 PM
So last week I managed to get away with working 8 hours only. One mum had booked the holiday off prior to our contract and before / after schoolies don't come in hols. Twins mum only sent them 2 days.

Lucky me!!

So I did so much. Caught up on paper work, chased new business, found out about hiring a new assistant and much more.

So, after working 7.30 til 6 today, I said to DH, "We need to go and clean up the kitchen soon."

He said "We? You had last week off didn't you?"

Didn't bite. Yes I did have a lot of time off but actually I was very busy. Plus, that was last week when he didn't have to do ANYTHING and all was served to him on a platter. This is NOW when I have been working long hours every day. He tells me I need to work as much as I can but doesn't feel that he needs to help in anyway as I am at home. Wish I was out teaching still. However the holidays I got didn't mean that was a real job either and open to ridicule.

Don't know whether to take it as a joke or not. After a while, it's NOT funny. And not to mention I will end up doing it all anyway so I know he's serious about it.


Cammie Doodle
04-11-2010, 09:40 PM
:eek: Send him here I will sort him out for you . ;)

05-11-2010, 06:16 AM
:angry: Yep - that sounds about right from my husband too. I am at home with my children so what difference is it i have 1 under 2 or 3 of them??? I don't have to do anything with them they just amuse themselves....I am happy to do all the cooking when last mindee goes at 5, wash up, clear up, bath kids and then sit down for 3 hours doing risk assessments, SEF and learning journals only to get up 3 times in the night with ds and up at 5.30 am to do it all again :rolleyes:
My husband WORKS don't you know!!! Of course he cannot help!!!

AARghhhh we need a break!!! There is nothing you can do - it's like talking to a brick wall. When I have a go at hime he just says "well what is it you want me to do - all you have to do is ask..." yeah right ....

05-11-2010, 06:48 AM
I had something similar from my teenage son last week. My response was 'ok fine, I'll just do my paid work in future then' and refused to cook or clean etc. They soon got the message, lol!

Cammie Doodle
05-11-2010, 07:56 AM
:angry: :angry: :angry: I think they should do our job for a day and see how it feels. Hubby knows he would rather do his really stressful day than mine lol He has rest days mid week so sees what Carolyn and I do :) Bless him he always makes us drinks (sometimes served with cakes or biscuit too ) I think he feels sorry for us :D