View Full Version : What do you have out for the mindees to play with.

03-11-2010, 10:54 AM
Ok in the hall I have the kitchen and work bench. Dining room I have set out playdoh. They also have been allowed to choose 1 box of toys each to take in the living room.

Now mindee has had a screaming hoohar because I wont let him empty all the toy boxes. I think if they want something else out they have to tidy up what they have out and then get another box out.

Am I being fair or unreasonable? I dont normally doubt myself but the hoohar the child has chucked has made me think.

Ps mindee is nearly 3 and dd 28 months.

03-11-2010, 11:09 AM
Yes I get them to tidy up before they choose something else to play with! Otherwise it would be complete chaos! Thay don't like it most of the time and I always have to remind them but thats their rules that they devised and have put on the wall lol x

03-11-2010, 11:27 AM
I agree they should tidy up before getting more out, or it becomes a trip hazard

karen m
03-11-2010, 11:31 AM
sorry i have always made them tidy up before another toy comes out ,if they don't put away they have to play with that toy normally after a couple minutes they tidy up and change toy

03-11-2010, 12:01 PM
Well he tidied up and promptly fell asleep - that explains it :)