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03-11-2010, 08:07 AM
Morning everyone

This morning i've been asked by a parent when they should think about pre-school. The little boy i look after is 3 in february, he attends a nursery (daycare) 3 days a week and comes to me for 2 days.

I'm not clued up on schooling yet as my daughter is 3 in feb as well and started pre-school in september, her free funding kicks in at easter but i'm not sure how it works if a child already attends a nursery. Is that like a pre-school, do they get their free funding there or do they have to be in pre-school to receive it? Do they have to do pre-school or can they go from nursery to school when their 4/5?

I told her i would have a think and ask some other minders whats the best, problem is, the pre-school they would want to use has a waiting list, i put my daughter on it when she was around a year old, would they even get a place?

Sorry for all the questions so early in the morning!!

Thanks for reading, Lynsey xxxx

03-11-2010, 08:12 AM
Yes they will get their 'free' sessions at the day nursery. If they are happy with the nursery unless they can get a place at the pre-school why don't they stay at the nursery?

They also need to consider the schools they want to use because they may want to go to a school nursery for the year before the child goes into Reception Class. This would be free.

03-11-2010, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the reply,

If they can stay at the nursery for their free funding and it's normal for a child to go from a nursery to school he will probably stay where he is.

I have no experience with schools yet, only been minding 2 years and have had no schoolies but all my little ones are reaching the pre-school age so need to get clued up myself.

Do you think i should reccommend they attend the pre-school thats attached to the infant school for two mornings on the days that he comes to me? Thinking about it, when my daughter starts school she will know most of the kids in her class as they would have come from her pre-school whereas this LO possibly won't know anyone as the nursery he attends is at the business park near his mums work on the otherside of town.