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29-10-2010, 08:06 AM
does anyone have a policy for parents to sign to clarify the notice period and that u must pay that notice period but u can also send your child in that notice period im getting fed up of non paying parents with the notice period

or can u ask for the notice period to be a paid at the beginning?

what do you do?

29-10-2010, 08:24 AM
You can ask for a deposit at the beginning to cover one month's fee, that you could hold to use for the notice period if not paid. But as for a policy, it is written in the contract that they have signed so no need for another signed piece of paper. Write a firm letter stating it again and include an invoice with it, state the dates that you require payment for and if necessary remind them that it is a legally binding agreement and further action may be taken if non-payment continues.

good luck, Jen x

29-10-2010, 08:36 AM
Good advice below - the four week notice period is in the contract which is signed. I can't believe they think they can get away with not paying in this time though.

I didn't ask for a deposit with my first few families as they started with me immediately. But one lady has just asked for her son to start in Jan and has paid me £100 which will be around half her monthly fee so I can hold the place. This will be then used as part of any final payments when notice is given (hopefully not for a long time!) My husband is irritated by this though and says I must ask for the full four weeks payment as deposit to be held against the notice period. I think he is right, just need to toughen up!

29-10-2010, 09:25 AM
We get people to pay for the last month as a non refundable deposit even if they start the same week. For some this can be as much as £1000 and in this case we give than 2 months to pay it in.
Most people have said this makes us seem like a proper business, as nursery charge this also.