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10-04-2008, 06:35 PM
hi all again

can i claim for my house insurance and at what % my wife usually does 40hrs
and will it reduce on the weeks she does less hours considering i have to pay for a full year anyway and do i divided it by 52 like utilities etc or put in a one of claim

can i claim for the cost of a new lawn mower and the fuel to run it as the children us my garden.

thx again

10-04-2008, 07:07 PM
Hello again!

You have some very specific requirements there.

If they are not dealt with on this link -


Then I suggest you contact HM Revenue and Customs and ask their advice...

0845 300 3939.

I hope this helps :D

14-04-2008, 09:51 AM
With house insurance I was going to get the insurers to provide 2 quotes, one for if I wasn't childminding and just claim the difference. But my policy actually was cheaper when I started childminding so I couldn't!

With things like lawnmowers or anything else you buy, one way to think about whether you can claim is:

- would you have bought it if you weren't childminding? ie, if childminding was to stop tomorrow would you sell/give away as you don't need it any more? If its 100% used by business and not needed for household purposes you can claim 100% -- eg: cots, stairgates, car seats, storage boxes, flannels, food, squash, craft materials, toys, batteries, etc

- do you use it for childminding but family members also use it or you use it for personal/non childminding reasons? eg printer inks, mobile phone, toilet roll, cleaning materials, food, tea/coffee (for mindee parents at interviews). Then you either buy separate products for the business and household and claim 100% of those you bought for business or you claim 50%. Best to keep all receipts so you can show how you've arrived at the figures you're claiming if ever asked to do so.