View Full Version : what police station?

15-10-2010, 09:17 AM
hi every1,

just posting for a friend, for those o you who hav chased crb's with your local police stations, how did you find out which station its at?

thank you in advance for replies.


15-10-2010, 09:24 AM
For my hubbie (nightmare getting his CRB done), I narrowed it down to where we lived which was two counties, but only 1 county (Kent) had been sent CRB and I narrowed it down to DH's work (which happened to be Met police).

Unfortunately, another CRB check was sent off to an unknown police force. I was told that because hubbie had a 'common' name, his CRB would be sent to all police forces in the country that had the exact same name as my hubbie who had committed a crime...not sure if that's true, but sometimes you really can't tell.

Start off with the HQ of your local police. Good luck.

15-10-2010, 09:35 AM
thank you, didnt know where to start :-)

candy cat
15-10-2010, 11:33 AM
ask for disclosures when you phone.