View Full Version : Told by another cm mum is claiming tax credits

06-10-2010, 09:12 AM
through me even though I finished care in June.

The cm took over care from june and this cm told me on saturday that she no longer has them but wanted me to know that they are still claiming from my number.

She couldnt tell me all the details as she was rushing off and i havent seen her since but I rang the tax credit number {01355359007} and they were very interested ...although had to say it 3 times as she thought i was tryuing to say i am looking for work..think she was a bit thick to start with..lol

But she took all the details of the mum i had, the kids ages and D.O.B address etc, and they are dealing with it, told me not to ring with more details as they will find out through their investigations.

:clapping::clapping: I know its only since june but there are 2 boys and would like to know how much she was claiming.

SO they are taking an interest...try the above number. even if you are changing details as I couldnt get through on the 0845 number.