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26-09-2010, 08:10 AM
I found this quite interesting last week: 2 of my mindee's have recently started at a school nursery and I pick them up after the morning session 2 days a week.

They go to different nurseries. Nursery number 1 were very helpful when I mentioned the EYFS requirement for sharing info between settings - they suggested a notebook that was kept in my mindee's bookbag that we could comuinicate with each other about themes, planning , mindee's achievements etc etc. His keyworker said they were really keen to work with childminders.

Nursery number 2 were totally different - keyworker said she didn't have time to write in a book and they didn't do any planning - everything was child-led and I was welcome to come to an open morning to see what went on! (I pointed out that wasn't really convenient as I had other mindee's).
I also told her that it was an EYFS requirement and she said no childminder had approached them before to ask for info!

Incidently, nursery number 1 recently were given an outstanding grade by Ofsted and nursery number 2 are satisfactory.

26-09-2010, 08:26 AM
Well the gradings speak for themselves. I have laways found the nursery i work with very helpful - its mainly verbal information we transfer but they have curriculum information to hand and on the website and are happy to provide me with anything they think would be useful.

26-09-2010, 08:42 AM
they are also very different round my area.

one I have contact with I gave a note book which travels between - i do not drop off or pick up. They let me know themes and what mindee has done. Great

another wanted me to fill in their forms, their way and manager phoned me to try and convince me their way was best - after 40mins I got off the phone and cried. So as far as that one goes - i refuse ! :angry: All CM can't stand their attitude to us and I don't care if it is outstanding, manager is a patronising *** and up her own rear end with self importance. I kept the letters I sent and received as evidence to Ofsted that I tried but am unwilling to have contact with them again. No mindees there at the moment thank goodness.