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25-09-2010, 08:38 PM
I have also posted this in the members area.

I am in the process of getting a loft conversion and when this is complete a new kitchen and a few tweaks to my child-minding area.

I know i have to inform Ofsted with regard to what I am going to do. While the loft is being done because its from the outside in it won't really encroach on the childminding as such. For my risk assesment i have put things like:

1 Falling roof tiles ...i will get the parents to meet me at the start of my drive and walk them through...telling the builders to hold off while i do so.

2. Dust: The landing stairs will have a large dust sheet floor to ceiling

3. Noise : babies will be moved into my downstairs reception room to sleep

4. Workmen: None of them will come into contact with the children

Is there anything i have forgotten

For the new kitchen:

The builders will be doing the dirty work on a saturday and sunday I will be without a boiler and kitchen for a few days hopefully again this will be the weekend, however i have made arrangements will fellow childminders that if it goes into a weekday i will basically work round their house for the time, they have plenty of room for the children to sleep, play etc.

Should i just put will be working in fellow childminders properties and just give them the details.

All the parents are fine with it and I have said that if i feel it in anyway effects my service i will go and work round the other childminders straight away.

I would appreciate any advice.



27-09-2010, 06:24 AM
Hello Tracy, sounds like you have it all sorted. I would just say on the days when utilities are limited you will be visiting other childminders/soft play you don't necessarily have to give full details.