View Full Version : I have a 4 month old baby starting :)

23-09-2010, 06:53 AM
Initial feeling is awww :D
Second feeling is total panic! :panic:

It’s through a recommendation, one of my current little ones mum is best friends with baby's mum so I feel that’s means a bit less pressure on me!

Little one is adorable but every now and then my head starts to whirl....
Is it better to just carry the car seat on double school run (which I have to drive between schools) or to get out pushchair each time?
If I take the pushchair then what to do I do when I get to class, little one is in reception...
My favourite toddler group has a separate baby and toddler room so surely this means now I can't go?
I have to do nursery run on a Friday which is going to be a fiddle with baby...

And do I have a clue what I am doing?!!! :laughing:

She's really very adorable though (yep know I already said that & I don't care :p ). And her mum has bought her all brand new stuff to leave at mine which is really lovely, bib, bottles, spare clothes etc
She starts part time next week going up to full time gradually by the middle of October :)

23-09-2010, 08:37 AM
i am sure you will be fine, my 5 week old started last week and i was soooo nervous but i am nervous with any new child starting so, lol, even after 7 years you would of thought i wouldnt, lol, He is full time as of next week, i am sure that as you get get to know the baby more everything will work itself out as you go along, how about a baby sling, closer baby is fab, i use this for my new baby and my 9 month old, expensive to buy (50 new, 30 ebay) to i can get baby in and out with 30 seconds and its settling for the child to be close to you and you can get into school without a buggy or car seat. I am a big fan of this sling as its just so easy and comfortable to wear, you wouldnt know you are wearing anything and no added straps or anything, anyway enough of me priasing the sling, i am sure you will be fine

sending hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

23-09-2010, 08:46 AM
My 4 week old started this week, if the baby is still in a rear facing seat I recommend an attachment for the pushchair so you don't have to disturb them. I went to mothercare at the weekend and picked up my Phil & Teds adaptor and it was well worth the money!

I'm using a sling too an easy sling that I had with my girls, but at 4 months your baby is probably a bit more alert and wanting to see what is going on. I would have "safe" chair you can put them when you have to put her down.

As for school, can you have a word with the reception teacher about drop off, our children have to just line up and walk in themselves, I'm sure they will be accommodating, what do the parents with babies do in the playground?

As for the toddler group, just ask, You may have to go in the toddler room with the baby, again are there many sibling families there? if not then there is your answer. I was barred from a few when I had a 15mth gap as they wouldn't allow you to mix the children!

Just be organised, I found that is the key and have fun :)

karen m
23-09-2010, 08:07 PM
i have a 5 week old starting on monday ,i no szchool runs are hectic but after 9 o'clock it will be easier ,then half term so will be just lo