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16-12-2007, 06:07 PM
Just added this to my risk assessments... thought others might find it useful! Feel free to add ideas please.... Sarahx

© Knutsford Childminding
Risk assessment – snow and ice

Prepared by –
Address of setting –
Date -
Renewal date -

Consider -

•If you clear the drive and someone slips, you may be liable for being sued
•If you do not clear the drive and someone slips, it is considered an act of nature
However – you have a duty of care for the safety of all children, parents and staff of the setting and visitors to the setting

Keep parents informed –

•Of the dangers of children running off on their own up / down the drive
•Of your risk assessment, which shows how you minimise the risks on the drive / in the garden
•Of the procedures you have put in place to safeguard parents, visitors and children eg gritting, salting
•Of how you consider weather conditions before allowing children outside, while bearing in mind your required commitment (to Ofsted) to allow children access to the outside area each day
•Ask them, in newsletters or on your notice board, to provide suitable all-weather clothing every day
•Consult with parents to see how they feel about their children going outside every day in inclement conditions and record their comments

Consider –

•Monitoring weather conditions – to be able to anticipate when your snow and ice action plan needs to be implemented; to know when to warn parents about inclement weather conditions; to know when to de-ice outside areas; to be able to make informed judgements about when to go on outings using cars / public transport; to consider whether a thaw might present a danger to people walking under your roof line; to ask parents not to use your drive due to ice on municipal pavements
•Which areas to prioritise for clearing – slopes, steps and the route between cars / gate and door
•Identifying areas which may be ‘no access’ during inclement weather and using suitable methods of closing off such areas eg cones or tape, which adults, visitors and children understand; how to inform a partially sighted or blind parent / visitor / child of dangerous areas
•Informing all staff, parents and children of the associated risks in a newsletter / on the notice board
•Placing a notice in the window warning parents / staff to take care and removing it when it is no longer necessary so it does not become ineffective and counter-productive
•Monitoring and keeping the setting at a safe temperature when cold outside and doors are open to allow free flow – not below 18c for normal levels of activity – and keeping boiler systems regulated and maintained to ensure safe indoor temperature
•Putting in place a system of extra checks for outdoor play equipment which may be affected by the ice or snow and considering how to prevent use by children in inclement conditions

Snow and ice action plan –
I commit to –

•Giving ongoing education and advice to children about the dangers of snow and ice, including walking, sliding and running on ice / snow and the dangers of icy puddles / black ice
•Ensuring all children are protected from expanses of frozen water including bird baths, drains, puddles etc
•Walking with children, where possible, on the inside of the pavement in case of sliding cars
•Clearing as safe a path as possible from car to door to keep parents / children / visitors / staff safe
•Salting steps or, in case of severe weather conditions, ensuring children cannot access them and considering the provision of alternative access arrangements
•Clearing paths in the garden to allow safe daily outdoor access for children
•Providing an all-weather gazebo under which children can play
•Monitoring local weather conditions and discussing with parents if I do not consider it safe for their children to go outside on any particular day, to take their views into consideration
•Risk assessing before taking children for daily walks if they are unable to access the outdoor area
•Risk assessing play areas in inclement weather before allowing children to access them
•Providing a safe environment for all, including disabled children, parents and visitors by discussing their individual needs with them and providing, as necessary, extra help eg collecting children from disabled parents who may not be able to go outside in inclement weather, putting up large print danger signs, ensuring wheelchairs / frames etc can access steps safely etc
•Interesting and informative article here :laughing:
•Protecting adults and children from extremes of temperature by ensuring they wear all-weather clothing and good-grip wellies at all times, including promoting the wearing of hats, gloves, scarves etc via parents news letters and notice board signs
•Providing suitable rest areas and warming drinks as required and being aware of the effects of extreme cold on children, adults and the disabled
•Preparing a risk assessment before leaving the house when snow and ice are expected or are presenting an outdoor risk

Signed and dated –

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Hi Sarah This is fab thankyou soo much......:jump for joy: just what we need with the weather as it is, How are you hun you've not been on as much lately, catch up soon xxx

16-12-2007, 08:47 PM
yikes not thought of his at all Sarah thanks!

I tend to chuck out some warm salt water onto my tinny winny path in the icy mornings ((don't shout lol!! I am kind of risk assessing!!)


Pudding Girl
17-12-2007, 01:13 AM
Thanks Sarah, yet another thing that just hadn't even crossed my mind :eek:

17-12-2007, 10:37 AM
Thank you Sarah. It's definately something to think about - especially on a freezing day like today!

Emler x

17-12-2007, 01:53 PM
Brilliant info Sarah, ThanksXXX:)

18-12-2007, 07:31 PM
Thank you Sarah - that is most comprehensive and very helpful.

20-12-2007, 12:49 PM
Thanks Sarah...will save me a ton of time this weekend, as one of the things to do on my never ending to do list!!!

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My risk assessments don't look anything like yours! Are they supposed to be like that? OMG!!!!! Panic!

20-12-2007, 03:40 PM
No Lorri, my risk assessments don't look like that either!!!

What I do is pull together all the info, then put it on a risk assessment form... what I have put here are the main thoughts on the subject.

Sorry if I have caused confusion...! :panic:

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Thanks Sarah - lots of hard work there


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Thank goodness for that! I was really worried! It was probably just me being thick!

Thank you.

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Thanks Sarah, must have taken you hours. Very kind of you to share it.

Sarah x