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22-09-2010, 01:37 PM
I have recently taken on a new child who is 5.She is a flexi contract as mum works 4 on and 4 off.

When i took her on i told mum i couldn't do the tues and weds pickups as i go to another school and can't get to both. This was fine as mums friend agreed to help out.

anyway yesterday mums friend said she couldn't do it - mum panicked and rang me and luckily the school kept hold of A until i could pick her up.

My mil is currently registering as my assistant and we are just waiting for crb and first aid is booked for beginning of oct.

The parent is happy for my mil to pick her up and walk the five minutes to my house.

is this allowed??? we have been looking into the 2 hour rule

does anyone know what i can do to help the parent out??

It shouldn't be for too long and its not every week depending on mums shifts

Thanks in advance xx

22-09-2010, 01:52 PM
If your mum does this free of charge and the contract starts from when the child gets to your house. Then this is when she comes into your care, then i can see no problem.

Or i suppose the two hour rule may work. :)

22-09-2010, 05:27 PM
There is something in the guidance for assistants which says that they do not need first aid for the school run.

So it's just the CRB check that your mum needs to be able to work legally.

Meanwhile I'd agree with Wendy - your mum is a friend of the mother doing her a favour, delivering the child to your house.

hth :D

22-09-2010, 07:11 PM
Thanks for your replies wendy and sarah.

Its put my mind at rest now. i knew it would be ok as 'friends' helping eachother out so i can have a word with the parent and tell her its sorted.

Thanks x