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21-09-2010, 06:59 PM
I have got my first parents coming tomorrow. It's for a total of three after school girls (year 1).

I have tried searching the forum but couldn't find much about schoolies so sorry if I ask the same as someone else has already done...

What type of activities do you do with them? Most school kids I know like to relax after school but how can I do obs if that's all they do...? I noticed that some ppl take schoolies to the park after school, do they get changed first? (sorry, I'm from Germany originally and we don't have uniforms so not sure about the rules...).

Also, what kind of toys do they like at that age? I only ever looked after kids up to 3 properly :panic:

Thanks a lot :o

Lady Haha
21-09-2010, 07:40 PM
Hi, all mine are schoolies! Unless they are in reception, you aren't obliged to do any obs because they aren't in EYFS once they start year one. But I do a file for each child to put photos, artwork etc in anyway!

My lot don't change out of their uniform even if we do go out. Its sucha short space of time really that if we are going to go to the park it will be straight from school anyway then onto home for tea.

They like arts and crafts, chilling out watching tv, games consoles. They also like playing! Lego, playdoh, baby dolls, playmobil is a big hit. Role play is something else they will do alot of, so dress up stuff and basic role play things, shopping till, kitchen, tea set, iron, etc etc etc!

Have fun, I love this age group!

21-09-2010, 08:08 PM
Thanks for you reply, I wanted to make sure I can come up with some ideas tomorrow and was a bit scared that those things may be too "young" but I am glad your mindees seem to like the things I was thinking about, phew.

Thanks again, let's hope they like me tomorrow!

22-09-2010, 05:56 AM
when they come to see you ask the children what they like to do when the get home from school, if they dont say much then come up with suggestions you do think they'll like say cooking, playing, computer, wii etc,
at mine the boys like to play the wii (although they only get halfhour each) and with action men and the girls lovel playing at mummys with their dolls and the other day they were taking their dolls to the childminders! they also like arts and crafts but i tend to go with the flow,, if they are happy playing then i let them get on with it,, if they start to get bored then i suggest stuff for them to do.

22-09-2010, 06:41 AM
i have 4 schoolies...and they started all on the same day (they were from a cm who had given up). First couple of days they just explored the toys, house and garden. They made "all about me " books which gave me an idea of food likes and dislikes. We did a "kids charter" which has all the school rules on...big piece of lining paper written on fixed to the wall.

Now we

go to the park.
play out in the garden (somwtimes with a bowl of water to do "washing up")
do craft
do cooking -pizza, choc crispie cakes, choc biscuit cake, (see a theme)

last night we made "hedgehog cakes"-these were small muffins (bought) and i made some choc buttercream. They put this on the muffins and made spikes with a knife. They then used buttons to make eyes and noses.

choc tastic!

i must admit i would have 15 babies and toddlers in place of 4 schoolies, they fight (we have a brother and sister). whinge and cry!

OH asked last night if we were feeding the "Looney Tunes":laughing: :laughing:
Told one dad about Looney Tunes and he said he had other less kind names for his two kids:rolleyes:

My 5 yr old mindee told me she didnt want to be a doctor when she grew up, she now wants to be a childminder and be called "aunty mandy":)

mandy xx

22-09-2010, 07:39 PM
My 'children' love Gloop!

Gloop, gloop and more gloop!!!!!:laughing:

22-09-2010, 07:48 PM
My 'children' love Gloop!

Gloop, gloop and more gloop!!!!!:laughing:


Marble run.

board games, outside games - football, skipping, scooters, obstacle courses, climbing frame, slides, swings, chalking on paths and driving around on bikes and bubble cars (yes even the 11 year olds do this).

baking (if you have time) or make cakes/biscuits in the day and get children to decorate.

Play kitchen - make up menus etc.
dolls and prams.
chatting whilst having snack.
I practice Makaton sign language and they enjoy this.
Glue and stick.
Girls love to draw and colour.
Happy Street (Happyland) is very popular here too.

Hope this helps and good luck.

If I can think of any more I will post!

23-09-2010, 12:14 PM
Thanks so much, can't believe how helpful you lot are :thumbsup:

The kids weren't there yesterday that's why I thought I'd better come up with something myself...

It went really (I think...), now I just need some full timers asap!!!

Thanks again :)