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02-09-2010, 06:25 PM
I had my first after school mindee start at the beginning of aug, she was meant to come 2 days a week in the hols, first week didn't come, 2nd week came one day and the final week didn't come. Then the day the schools went back (19th) her mum called to say she would be coming after school as planned but she was no longer returning to work so would need to give me notice. I explained it needed to be in writing and it was 4 weeks, no problems got a letter the next day, which stated as I'd worked out last day would be the 17th sept. They also asked for septs invoice so they knew how much they owed me, all fine, they had already paid up to the end of aug.

Now getting to the point! On tuesday she said she didn't feel well and mum came to get her early (normally she walks home about 5pmish, she's 11, mum came about 4.30). She said she'd let me know if she'd be back on wed, all fine she called wed and said she was off school so wouldn't be with me. Today a msg was left saying she'd just go home after school as she wasn't 100% still and mum was home anyway. We did see her on the school run and she looked fine, then later we were at the park and she was out with her friend (my dd shouted on her and I waved hello and she ignored us both, but then she's 11 going on 14 and stroppy). I just have a feeling she won't be back :( I'm not hugely bothered like I said she's stroppy but they do owe me £130 :panic:

So if it were you would you be thinking the same or am I worrying over nothing! I think if she doesn't come tmrw or monday I'll send a letter asking for payment and see what happens.

02-09-2010, 07:01 PM
It sounds very much like she's decided she doesn't want to come to your house any more, put on the illness and mum is playing along.

It is absolutely fine if she wants to do that but if you are owed money for time you have worked or as stated in your contract then you need to send a final invoice to mum and a letter stating the terms and conditions of your contract / fees policy.

Give 7 days (or whatever it says in your policy) for her to pay and then follow up with legal advice. If you are insured with NCMA you will not be able to make a claim via them as they have a £150 lower limit... if you are with Morton Michel you should ring and speak to them and their legal team will help you.

If you are with NCMA you may be able to take the parent to small claims court by yourself. You will need watertight paperwork / fees policy / contracts etc and make sure your letters now are totally professional - not texts etc but letters delivered by signed for post.

Hth :D

02-09-2010, 07:03 PM
does set alarm bells ringing i'm afraid, but then I am very cynical. I would contact mum maybe tonight to ask how child was feeling etc. But if not back on monday then would be drafting an official letter. Good Luck