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candy cat
27-08-2010, 09:04 AM
Hi folks....been a manic few days!!! I was getting worried regarding filling spaces.(lost fulltimer before hols due to relocation) Anyway the last week I have had so many calls!:) I signed contracts with one family so had 3 others fighting for the other place.....so hard to decide!

Now one parent phoned and I told her I was seeing two other people that day,I asked when did she want childcare......next march/April:eek: I explained that I could not hold a place for this long without charging a reatainer......she said not a problem!!

Decided to go with this lady as age of child suited my setting better!

Now I am insured with MM and slowly introducing their contracts (got free NCMA ones) I then thought I would use NCMA ones for this lady as it as retainer bit BUT read the back and it totally contradict itself....I was worried about the bit' A retainer shouldn't be needed for long periods'. Legally I had to be sure because of the nature of the mums job!:eek:

phoned MM legal line and they were brill!

I can charge a weekly retainer and if the parent is happy with it then it is ok! She could not find any reasons why it would be wrong....the mum is paying for the privilidge of keeping a place open for her child.

The place is 'mums' place (childs):blush: ha! and can be used when she wants between now and then (with notice)

I cannot charge for when I am unavailable though so for xmas and any bank hols I have to deduct as I don't charge parents for these.

On the MM contracts although easy to use do not have a section on retainers so the lady suggested I do a seperate sheet regarding our agreement and get her to sign.

Anyway,just felt MM were so worth the £42 I paid.:)