View Full Version : After months of quietness...

26-08-2010, 07:58 PM
... for 2 years I have been really quiet with only one child (4 different ones with little overlap) for a couple of days a week and then some ad hocs. Every enquiry I have taken bar two (one for one of my working days and one would have involved driving back & forth to a town 6 miles away 4 times a day for collecting, nursery and dropping:rolleyes: ). I got another LO start at beginning of Aug making 2:clapping: .

This week I have had 3 proper enquiries - one for ad hoc family 1,2 & 6 wanting perm contract (not sure of hours depend on college), 1 for old mindee 2 to come back and poss siblings 6,9 & 11 (not sure hours depend on college but pretty flexible she says) and one for family with 2,5 & 6.

I work 3 days a week away from minding and had decided to contiue with this as it was guaranteed money and now they all come flooding in! Also they want to send me on training to do proper baby massage which I am quite looking forward to. And I can do the third without stopping work so hopefully it will come through.

Even if I gave notice to work the other 2 are maybes but I can't guarantee to do all of them as my new one would come to me everyday if I was avail but it can vary, between me and the other childminder he has he will only need care on 6 days next month but parents pay a retainer:) .

sorry for the rambling - I think I just need to get it straight in my head.