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mrs robbie williams
26-08-2010, 08:48 AM
Hiya, Ive had a response from childcare.co.uk and the lady is coming to see me tomoro. She has a 14month old little boy and just needs care for him on Fridays. I havent taken on a child this young before. Do I need to put up stairgates and safety measures before she comes? I havent got a highchair - do I need to get one? I havent got a cot - do I need to get one? I have a buggy but it is another mindee's would I use that or would the mum be expected to leave me hers? Also at the first meeting do I show her contracts, policies etc or is it just an informal chat? im really nervous :blush: xx

26-08-2010, 09:12 AM
If I was a parent using a childminder I would expect them to have all the equipment you need for taking on a child of that age. I would expect them to have a highchair (or some sort of chair where he can eat or be fed), a pushchair & somewhere for him to sleep. Mum may be happy for you to use her buggy, but I would think most will expect you to have your own.

At a first meeting I tell the parents a bit about myself, what sort of things we do through the day, what sort of things I would do with their child, what I provide, what they need to provide etc. I talk a bit about the need for contracts, child record forms etc, but don't necessarily show them a copy. I also talk about fees and how I like to be paid.
I ask about the child, likes & dislikes, has he been left anywhere before...just general chat really to show an interest in finding out what the child is like.
I encourage parents to ask questions & I either answer them there & then, or tell them I need to think about it & will let them know (if it's something I can't answer straight off).

I don't usually put stairgates up, but I do tell parents I have them if needed. I get out a selection of age appropriate toys & sit playing with the child while parents look at my info (portfolio, photos etc).

Try not to stress about it too much (easier said than done). Have a rough plan about what you're going to do & say, but just try to go with the flow.

Good luck!

26-08-2010, 12:54 PM
I agree about needing to have all the neccs equipment I would probably use a highchair for a LO that age rather than a booster seat. Also think about car seats. You will def need to have your own buggy to use and personally as a parent who used childminders in the past for my DS I would like to see stairgates up.

I usually offer the parent and child a drink and then pass my portfolio folder to the parent to have a look through whilst I sit on the floor and play / interact with the child. Ask lots of questions about the child, routines, likes / dislikes / etc etc and just let the parent ask any questions they might have.

Good luck. Just relax and be yourself :thumbsup: